Richard Wesker


Real Name
Richard Wesker
Channel Awesome
Former title card artist for Phelous

General info

He is a self-taught artist living in Ohio who enjoys anime, manga, videogames, and horror films.

Getting involved with TGWTG

Like many people at the time, he got involved with after seeing The Nostalgia Critic's Final Battle with the The Nerd. At the time, Wesker had been a fan of James Rolfe's work on, particularly AVGN. So when James had his battles with the Critic, Wesker naturally became curious as to who this Critic guy was. He visited TGWTG, and found it to be a pretty cool and fun site. He finally stopped lurking eventually and joined in February 2009. As time passed, his fandom grew to where he couldn't help but want to get involved creatively in some fashion.

Getting involved with Phelous

Wesker's title card work with Phelous actually began with TheCat. At the time, it'd been a long while since he had drawn anything. In fact, he had considered himself to be retired from the art world. However, being a fan of TGWTG and of Cat, he decided that he would begin doing some fanart for the site, starting with a simple drawing of her. He subsequently posted his fanart of her on his Facebook, and it got a good reaction from her and from many of their respective Facebook friends. This further encouraged Wesker to pick up his pencil again, and to resume drawing on a regular basis. Eventually, his drawings got the attention of his favorite TGWTG video producer, Phelous. Phelous subsequently had Wesker draw up a title card for his Pet Sematary 2 review, and it eventually lead to Wesker becoming his regular title card artist. Since then, he's done title card work for other TGWTG producers such as HopeWithinChaos and Brad Jones, as well as non-TGWTG producers such as Braeden Orr and Anthony Ragusa, as well as doing character design work for a possible future production on the site.

Plans for the future

"I want to continue working on TGWTG material for as long as possible. Not to sound dramatic, but the site is responsible in a very real way for my return to the art world, and I have absolutely no intention of leaving TGWTG ever. I'm a big believer in the site, and in the people who choose to be a part of it. I've also made many friends because of TGWTG, which is amazing, considering how reclusive I can be. As far as my art goes, I've decided to go back to school sometime in the future, money and time permitting, to further refine my skills. I love art, and I love TGWTG, so being able to bring those two things together, and to make people happy on top of that, is just the best feeling in the world." He left the site in November 2010.

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