Return to Oz

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June 26, 2016
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(Tamara Chambers is sitting on her couch, carrying a bowl of popcorn)

Tamara: My name is Tamara Chambers, and I am about to watch Return to Oz for the first time ever. (munches on some popcorn) This is gonna be so much fun.

(The poster to "Return to Oz" shows up, followed by the words "Tamara's Never Seen". Tamara's inquisitive face appears from the bottom.)

(Cut back to the couch. Tamara now looks terrified and is now holding a bottle of bourbon in addition to her popcorn. She looks around, still freaked out and eventually drops the bourbon. Music plays after a jump cut.)

Tamara: It's like this horrifying combination of, like, Twilight Zone and The Waltons! / First of all, they show (pic of...) Dorothy who is apparently aging in reverse, because she looks like she's seven years old. (beat) She has incredible hair, though.

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