Reality Monster

Reality ensues.

The Reality Monster is the main antagonist of the Nostalgia Critic episode Monster Squad. It is a monster that represents reality, and is thus the greatest threat to 80's Boys Team that there is.


Throughout the review, the Critic, Malcolm, Rob, Jim and Jason all relive the 80's by dressing up as 1980's stereotypes (e.g Black Kid, Coll Kid, Geeky Kid and Fat Kid) and calling themselves the 'Token Troop'. In order to reinforce their reliving of the 80's, they refuse to allow Tamara into the group. They spend their time watching Monster Squad and praising it as a perfect representation of the time period it was released. Meanwhile, Tamara is attacked by the Reality Monster and barely escapes to warn the others. The Troop manage to evade it by locking the door to their room, leaving the Reality Monster unable to get in. However, as they continue to watch the movie, the Monster begins to mentally influence the boys into questioning the film's quality, causing them to point out the obvious flaws they had purposefully overlooked. However, as they continue to pick the film apart, Tamara reappears and exposes the Monster to YouTube comments, destroying it and allowing to boys to enjoy the movie again.

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