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Real Name
Daren Jackson

About Rap Critic

Rap Critic was introduced to by a close friend named Tim. He told him about The Nostalgia Critic and just the description of the show alone was inherently funny to him, so he asked him to show him a few episodes before the Year One event. Afterward, he started thinking about making his own show about his favorite topic: Rap Music.

He picked this field because he would always rate the songs he listened to and sometimes would wonder how some rappers said silly or out-of-place lines and hardly anyone would say anything about them, because people would tell him that they only cared about the chorus and the beat. The first song that inspired him to do the show was "My President is Black" mostly due to the chorus, which was why the chorus analysis takes up almost half of the episode. The first episode he wrote, though, was the Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre one, because he wanted to go after a song that would get people's attention.

For the first year of the show, it was really hard to make episodes. The first one was made with a camera from his old school, which explains why that episode has the grainiest quality to it. Rap Critic tried to edit the episodes at school during the beginning of summer, but, he never got to finish the episode because he figured he wouldn't be able to do it for the rest of the summer. Soon after, he started editing episodes at the college where his mom works at.

According to himself, most people on the site call him "Not-Todd," due to being a music critic like ToddInTheShadows. Early on in his time on the site, a running joke was Todd attempting to force a rivalry with RC, who was apparently oblivious that such a thing was happening. However, he does frequently collaborate with Todd on reviews of songs and movies.

Rap Critic also raps himself, under the name Masta Artisan. He has since left Channel Awesome but will continue to produce reviews on his YouTube channel.


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