Real Name
Michael Wedge

Getting started with Blistered Thumbs

A long time ago, Quatoria was a fan of Spoony, before he started doing videos, back when it was just a text review site. He remained a fan of his for a couple years, and noticed all these other people appearing in his videos, after he started doing them. Eventually, this lead him to discover JewWario and his streams . There, he hung out for a couple of weeks, just chatting with him and everybody else in his chat. Soon, he joined HopeWithinChaos and Justin in their adventures in playing Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii.

Over time, he started to meet over people like Iron Liz and Coldguy. Later, he made his own live streaming tabletop RPG show called TokenRPG, which aired on his site, TokenGamer, and Professor Otaku's d2brigade.

When he saw that Blistered Thumbs was getting spun off into its own gaming review site, he knew he had to get in on it, since he had years of background and experience in writing professional reviews. Quatoria had planned to apply for the PC section editor position, since he had edited and run a few sites of his own - and, to name two.

Before that, the VGA's happened and he had a tip for Joe. He had asked Sean to tell AngryJoe that he had this tip for him, and Joe ended up not being able to use it, but the two kept in touch. A couple of days later, he heard from Coldguy that he was in the process of applying for a BT job, and that he had an ipad. So, he asked him if he wanted to do ipad reviews, and possibly shoot some gaming footage for them. This led into his first show, Minor Distractions. His show then premiered on January 7th, 2011.


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