Real Name
Mark Fujita

Psychotaku's journey to TGWTG started with the Super Sentai crossover episode with JewWario. Fun fact: He and JewWario decided to become import reviewers at at about the same time. However, both just took different paths. JewWario went directly to while Mark decided to try his luck with the Screwattack MyVidsDon'tSuck Contest. After placing second, he decided to continue to produce videos on the import games that he grew up on.

He didn't want to trap himself with just games and wanted to do a Super Sentai review. He felt that the subject matter was a bit large for one reviewer to handle so he decided to contact JewWario. Mark had seen his videos and thoroughly enjoyed them. He sent him a script and he was more than happy to help out. After he had finished the episode I showed JewWario. He was so pleased with the video he put it up on TGWTG. In the following months they collaborated on several videos and JewWario has been the driving force which ultimately earned him a spot on TGWTG.

Since JewWario's departure from TGWTG, Retro Dojo Productions (Psychotaku's production company) has been listed on the site under InkedReality.

The Psychotaku Show

The Psychotaku Show is an import show where Mark takes the role of an extreme otaku who reviews stuff he deems as too cool for other audiences.


  • E3 - Dead Island (June 23rd, 2011)


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