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Play Proceeds Clockwise is a web show starring Jew Wario. In this show, Jew Wario reviews obscure table-top board games, as well as talking you through the play process. The show features a few of his friends, and is filmed in a style similar to the "Lazy Susan" shots in "That 70's Show".

The first episode featured on the main page was "Small World"

About Play Proceeds Clockwise

From Justin "Jew Wario" Carmical:

"This was based off of a 'dare' of sorts. Someone was tired of seeing so many video game reviews and I tried to think of other reviews that might work. I had done a top-down how-to for the Japanese card game "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" and decided to work on that idea. I then had a dream (no kidding) about making the video and the idea of using the spinning 'lazy susan' shot from 'That 70's Show' seemed appropriate (in my dream at least) and I decided to take a $6 lazy-susan from Target and make it a camera pod.

As to the song, I didn't want to use a Japanese track, but I couldn't think of anything else. So it happened the day before we started shooting that I was going through my WEEZER cds (well... singular 'cd') and I remembered one of my favorite songs that actually fits: 'In the Garage'

"I got a Dungeon Master's guide, I got a 12 sided die..."

Just like YCPT, I would like to find some indy-musician who could make a theme song for me, but I think I'd like to have a couple of episodes under my belt so I don't feel pretentious asking the vast "interwebs" for a theme-song."

Episode Guide

  • Small World (May 21st, 2009)


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