Real Name
Ian Higton

About[edit | edit source]

Ian began games journalism about 4 years ago when a friend who worked on an entertainment news TV show in the UK needed a 'games reporter'. As he had already been doing similar stuff on the YouTubes, Ian jumped in and began grabbing exclusive interviews with some of the worlds biggest developers and many of the smallest. After the TV show got cancelled and replaced by porno, Ian spent 3 weeks drinking the pain away until he decided to use his industry contacts to continue his quest to educated people on upcoming games and went his own way on the Platform32 YouTube channel, which continues to grow to this day.[edit | edit source]

As Ian puts it: "I was given the opportunity to join Blistered Thumbs thanks to my good friend Larry Bundy Jr (Guru Larry) who put in many good words for me. He now says I owe him big time so i'm ignoring all his phone calls."

Links[edit | edit source]

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