Phil Buni


Real Name
Michael Bennett
Former TGWTG Title Card Artist

Phil Buni aka Michael Bennett is the former title card artist for Iron Liz by day. By night, he is also the host of his own stream over at The Bunny Perspective. Also, he hosts his own movie review show where he uses a bunny like puppet of his own design that is definitely not for kids!

Phil gained popularity with the site with his movie reviews where he'd have his homemade rabbit-like puppet review various movies from across various genres. The puppet itself is a white rabbit with a leather jacket, hat and an attitude.

Later, he began drawing the team and other video reviewers on the site like Diamanda Hagan as characters in My Little Pony. As time went on, he drew more and more of the staff and eventually was chosen by Liz to become her title card artist. He has since left TGWTG as has Liz.

It's important to note that the puppet's name is Phil. Not the human.


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