Nostalgic Foods of Yore feat. Mara Wilson

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March 12, 2014
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(Lindsay, Nella and Mara are sat around a table full of candy and other foodstuffs)

Lindsay: Hello, friends. It is good for you to be here, in front of this banquet of.....high-fructose corn syrup and OH MY GOD!

(Nella drips nasty looking sauce on equally nasty looking ravioli to much laughter)

Lindsay: (between giggles) And Italian....

Nella: Italian delights.

Mara: Italian cuisine!

Lindsay: Yeah. We've covered so many things on our little dog and pony show. Baby dolls....

Nella: Nostalgic dances.

Lindsay: Dances...

Mara: Commercials.

Lindsay: Commercials. So, we thought, hey. I think it's time to do food, and beg the question, "is this shit as good as you remember it?"

Mara: I just wanna say, probably not, but I guess we will see today.

Nella: But I am here under contract to put things in my mouth that I.... (sniggering from Lindsay) ....have not wanted to put in my mouth in a long time.

Lindsay: So, you're here under contract; Mara, why are you here?

Mara: Oh, I'm evil.

Lindsay: Oh, OK.

Mara: So....

Lindsay: Evil likes corn syrup.

Nella: Subsidies.

Mara: I mean, so- uh- so, yeah. Yeah.

Lindsay: (sniggers) Corn subsidies. Mmmmm, twizzlers....

Mara: Also, the stuff in the Fruit Gushers kinda looks like blood and I like that.

Lindsay: Does it?

Mara: Looks like stage blood, anyway. Close enough.

Lindsay: I have no idea what flavor this is....

Nella: Well, shall we just start with the Gushers then?

Mara: Why don't we start with the Gushers?

Lindsay: Alright.

Commercial Announcer: Gushers! With a taste that's gonna drive you FRUITY!

Mara: Was that the one where the kids' heads...?

Nella: Heads would explode.

Lindsay: OH MY GOD!

Commercial Announcer: It's berry berry different!

Lindsay: If that doesn't make you wanna buy something...

Mara: They were actually directed by David Kronenberg, so....

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