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Who is NollUK?

NollUK is a guy from the United Kingdom. Where about you ask? From just out Blackpool in Lancashire, which is in the North West of the country.

He is 22 years old and a graduate from Lancaster University with a degree in Electronic Communication Systems (BEng).


Noll first tried to start a video series off similar to The Nostalgia Critic, but focusing on things from British television, but with technical difficulties the show as quickly stopped. These technical issues were very similar to the ones which The Spoony One experienced.

After this Noll considered doing a video series entitled "Still Watching" where he would do a movie review series in the style of Lee is Still Gaming. After 2 episodes this stopped due to the equipment dying, this series could start again, but is highly unlikely.

In April 2010, Noll featured in the Wiki video which celebrated two years of Channel Awesome, with his role as Lee is Still Gaming.

In the future; Noll is in the process of producing a new series entitled Action Analysis which looks at "rubbish" action movies, and what makes them so bad. Also featuring in this series will be a secret cameo character which rants about certain sequences which are shown in action films.

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