Not much is known about this ninja, other than that he loves to dance and that he's mute, often "speaking" through title cards. He first appeared in the "Nightcat #1" review and has made cameo appearances in Y Ruler of Time's "Ninjas Vs. Pirates" vid, and Sean Fausz' "Carmen Dance" vid during the live charity drive. His moment to really shine came when he helped battle Pollo the Robot/Mechakara with Linkara, '90s Kid and Harvey Finevoice.

His next major role is in Iron Liz's review of "Chain Gang War #1" after Linkara was abducted. His role in the review is to keep Iron Liz, the current reviewer, from going completely off track like the reviewer before her, '90s Kid. He talks via cue cards which are apparently screwed up so much by the ninja (for confusing his enemies or something) that captions had to be edited in. He does not do much except sit by Iron Liz while she does her review and helping her with some of the jokes. At the end of the review, Finevoice tells Liz to ditch him, ironically saying that he never shuts up.

Ninja Style Dancer appears in Linkara's review of "Silent Hill Dead/Alive #5" where he, as a hallucination, says his first spoken line on the show, "You have no honor", to a very confused Linkara before walking off.

The real Ninja-Style Dancer inexplicably disappears later in the Lord Vyce arc. It is unknown when, or if he will return as of yet.

There was speculation that the Ninja-Style Dancer was in fact, the Entity that Vyce was hunting. However, in the stinger to Linkara's review of the first and second issues of the Ultimatum crossover, the Ninja-Style Dancer can be seen sneaking around but disappearing in a smoke cloud after hearing the Entity, refuting the theory.

The Entity is still chasing the Ninja Style Dancer in the next part, knocking him back briefly before the Dancer once again disappears in a cloud of smoke, the Entity laughing in the background.

The Entity eventually manages to severely wound the Ninja-Style Dancer, who staggers back towards Linkara, giving an important title card written on both sides:

"A piece of the world is missing"

"Its voice is not its own"

Linkara then desperately reaches for some medical equipment when he is briefly interrupted, unfortunately giving the Entity time to finally abduct the Ninja-Style Dancer.

The Ninja-Style Dancer would, however, return along with the Entity's other victims after the Entity's self-destruction, showing displeasure at '90s Kid's reappearance.

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