Neverending Story II

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Date Aired:
March 23, 2010
Running Time

NC: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to. Once upon a time there was a movie called The Neverending Story, and it kicked ASS!

Neverending Story music plays with the opening and scenes from The Neverending Story

NC: (Voiceover) In my opinion it was one of the best family films ever. It had great atmosphere, creative characters, a complex story and some real legitimate drama

NC: So when I heard that there was another movie, I got exited as hell. I loved the first one and I couldent wait to see another one. It blewed.

Neverending Story II music plays as the title is shown and then several clips

NC: (Voiceover) I mean what a cheap follow-up. For a film series that was so gripping and even challenging for younger viewers, Neverending Story II gave us a really watered-down, half-assed version of it's predecessor. What a disappointment.

NC: So, let's see why the Neverending Story should've (pause) ended.

Several clips showing the actors and characters plays

NC: (Voiceover) First of all I should point out that none of the original cast is in this movie. The characters are the same but none of the same cast played them. I guess you could argue that the actors were too old by that time but if Hermione's breasts...

Cut to picture of Emma Watson from the Harry Potter series

NC: (Voiceover) ...are still in high school I'll believe anything thrown at me.

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