The year 2010 saw more crossovers with various Channel Awesome contributors and it all reached a climax with NC's takeover of Molossia for the site's second anniversary! The year also had NC's epic 100th episode!

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Episode Number Name Episode Length Description Channel Awesome Outro Date Released
96 Commando (1985) 22:20

The Critic starts off January by declaring it was Schwarzenegger month! He starts off by saying that he actually liked the movie. It's action packed and full of what you'd expect from an Arnold film. However, he says it suffers from many of the clichés in action films that annoy him and how some things in the movie do not make any sense. For example, an entire army of bad guys with guns couldn't hit Arnold with a single bullet. In the end, NC says that it's still enjoyable to watch even though there is a lot of cliches in the movie itself. Basically, Commando is stupid but enjoyably so.

N/A January 5th, 2010
97 Junior (1994) 18:52

Schwarzenegger Month continues! The Critic looks at Junior, at film in which Arnold plays a scientist who in an effort to prove his research gets pregnant and wacky hijinks ensue... except they don't. For a film where the plot involves Arnold Schwarzenegger getting pregnant, everything is played completely straight. The jokes are few and far between, the pregnancy symptoms are underplayed (which, for once, wasn't a smart move) and even though Arnold does dress up as a woman during the film, the Critic gets so bored he is forced to undergo a Big Lipped Alligator Moment. If there was a Schwarzenegger comedy that needed more dumb jokes, this was it.

Oh, and special mention should be given to baby with Arnold's face CGI'd on. It really is one of the most horrifying images put to film, and sends the Critic into a ten hour projectile vomiting fit.

N/A January 12th, 2010
98 Conan the Barbarian (1982) and Conan the Destroyer (1984)

Part 1: 15:59

Part 2: 13:48

In the first half of the review, he discusses the origins of Conan, summarizes the movie and takes note of the early Arnold action, comments on James Earl Jones's over the top performance and also watches a video where Arnold compares bodybuilding to having an orgasm (no, seriously). By the second half he lets Conan the Destroyer have it with both barrels as he comments on the strange stop motion animation, the bad acting of several characters and plot issues. At the end, NC says the second one wasn't that good. However, once in a while it's interesting and sometimes boring. The first one was a guilty pleasure for him, with good cinematography and excellent music.

  • Part 1: January 19th, 2010
  • Part 2: January 21st, 2010
Special Turtles Forever Review 04:16

Doug (presenting this review in person rather than as the Critic), when trying to decide what to review for his 100th episode, eventually had to choose between Turtles Forever and what will actually be reviewed on the 100th episode. The reason Turtles Forever wasn't picked for the 100th is simple... it's pretty damn good! Even though he had never seen the newer TMNT series, Doug extremely enjoyed this, as should any fan of the 80s Turtles cartoon. It's got a good story, there's plenty of jokes, the characters played well off each other and if this is the final Turtles release ever, then Doug wouldn't be that sad as this is a fitting ending. There were only two criticisms; the overuse of the 'What the Shell' pun and the fact that none of the original voice actors were brought back from the older cartoon... seriously, they didn't even bring back Uncle Phil as the voice of Shredder! But apart from that, there's a lot to recommend about Turtles Forever and if you are or ever were a Turtles fan you should definitely check it out.

N/A January 25th, 2010
99 End of Days (1999) 20:19

As the end of Schwarzenegger Month rolls around, NC wondered how to best end January 2010. So far Arnold has fought terrorists, savages and was pregnant. The only way Arnold could top this would be to fight Satan himself... as he did in End of Days! The film makers blew their chance at what would have been a good movie as there was plotholes and bad acting among other things. By the end of the review, NC wonders why a movie with Arnold versus the Devil would be so bad. The movie, NC said had many flaws stemming from the plot, storyline and bad acting. He also once again needed saving from the one and only Santa Christ!

N/A January 26th, 2010
100 Battlefield Earth (2000) 26:01

It's the 100th episode of the Internet show that launched Channel Awesome! The flagship show started with NC reminiscing about the past and almost provided a cheesy clip show. Thankfully, that was stopped by the NC of the past and Ma-ti! So, NC began a review that a lot of people requested. Battlefield Earth! The Nostalgia Critic thought this movie was stupid. He felt that all the scenes were unnecessarily filmed at weird angles, the acting was too over the top, and the overall plot line made absolutely no sense. The aliens also were very, very gullible and Travolta's performance made this film a very bad science fiction movie. This is the first review to use Phelous's Channel Awesome animation at the end.

Terl: "While you were still learning to spell your name!" February 2nd, 2010
101 Bebe's Kids (1992) 19:57

NC starts off asking if people remember the Video Game Review he did in 2008 when he fought The Nerd. He outlined how bad it was and how now was the time he needed to take a look at the movie it was based on. Based on the stand-up routine of the late Robin Harris, NC finds many pointless moments in the movie and starts counting them down since some stuff regarding the kids and adults in the movie made little sense. As the review progressed, NC calls the movie a decent ad for birth control. NC questions Robin's parenting skills as the movie progressed. The movie even cuts to the stand-up from time to time. By the end, NC calls the movie lame. He wonders how Harris could be considered a good parent since he leaves them and is generally an ass. He can't call it god awful. He said the movie took risk at a time where there were Disney and Disney knock-off films. It couldn't decide if it was for kids or adults. He liked the movie when he was a kid. But, that's only because of rebellion. However if the moral gets confused, the audience will, too.

Robin Harris: "Test tube baby!" February 9th, 2010
102 Lost in Space (1998) 23:07 Open in NC room to see it's empty. Follow to find that NC is hiding from doing the review in the shower, claiming he was looking for the shampoo ("Who would have thought it would be in the shower, of all places."). He then confesses to not wanting to do the review, saying it was based off of a bad TV show. The plot involves a futuristic world that is completely war-free, which the Critic doubts, since the narrator claims a terrorist attack is coming. The Robinson family is shipped to space to work on a machine to help space travel more smoothly with Matt LeBlanc's character, who is constantly hitting on the daughter of the father (and his boss for the mission), and getting rejected. The comedic timing is so bad, the Critic is forced to use the cliche "WA WA WAA" in sarcasm. They crash-land on a planet and are forced into a battle with the villan, Dr. Smith. The Critic challenges how stupid they have to be to not know he is the villain until the end of the film. Through time-travel, the son of the Robinson family helps the father go back in time to the point before they crashed and the movie ends. As the Critic gives his final thoughts on the movie. Dr. Smith appears and convinces the Critic to hand over his gun (just as the son did in the movie). He does and gets shot for it. Professor John Robinson: "I love you, wife." February 16th, 2010
103 Top 11 Villain Songs 22:05 The top 11 villain songs of all time as chosen by the NC!

  • 11. You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch from "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas"
  • 10. Shiver My Timbers from "Muppet Treasure Island"
  • 9. Friends On The Other Side from "Princess and the Frog"
  • 8. Pretty Women from "Sweeney Todd"
  • 7. Tie between Sweet Transvestite from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and Dentist from "Little Shop of Horrors".\
  • 6. In the Dark of the Night from "Anastasia"
  • 5. Poor Unfortunate Souls from "The Little Mermaid"
  • 4. He Had It Comin' from "Chicago"
  • 3. Be Prepared from "The Lion King"
  • 2. Secret of Survival from "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride"
  • 1. Hellfire from "The Hunchback of Norte Dame"

He ends the video by bringing up the next review (Quest for Camelot), and is instantly disappointed by the songs in it.

Judge Frollo: "I had a little...trouble with the fireplace." February 23rd, 2010
104 Quest for Camelot (1998) 21:52 Hey, did you ever want to see Gary Oldman, Pierce Brosnan, Urkel, Cary Elwes and other mismatched celebs in a movie. No? Then you should never have seen Quest for Camelot should you! Back in the mid-1990s animation studios were attempting to take on Disney... and yet they did this by making the same kind of movies that the House of Mouse was producing for some reason, and the Critic takes a look at Warner Brothers' poor attempt. For example, there's a correlation between the main character and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Another problem NC had with the movie was how the songs didn't match up with what was going on in the movie, for instance 'The Prayer' (yes that 'The Prayer') is played during an action-packed chase scene. The songs had no point. By the end, NC says the movie doesn't explain much of what is going on, there's no connection to the Arthurian legend and of course nothing is ever explained. Ruber: "The ogre's butt!" March 2nd, 2010
105 Old vs New- Nutty Professor (1963) and (1996) 17:21 NC takes a look at both the Eddie Murphy and the Jerry Lewis films based on the character, comedy and other aspects to see which one to him is the superior film. As much as he liked the original Nutty Professor, he had to choose Eddie Murphy's film based on how realistic everything seemed. Anna Pearl Jensen Klump: "HERCULES HERCULES HERCULES!" March 9th, 2010
106 Biodome (1996) 16:57 NC starts by going over his unbridled hatred for this Pauly Shore movie. He calls the movie annoying and bad. While going over the movie, he covers just how annoying the main characters are and addressed how odd it was that the slackers had gorgeous girlfriends. The two sneak in and NC immediately smells shinanegans. NC feels the movie is also the predecessor to Youtube videos where people do stupid things. By the end of the review, NC says the funny was replaced by a cauldron of annoying. Everything that should be funny was sucked out by Shore and Baldwin. Monique: "Bullshit!" March 16th, 2010
107 Neverending Story II (1990) 19:25 NC starts the review by mentioning how despite loving the first movie, tha the second one "blewed". Right away, he notes that the actors aren't the same ones from the first movie, which he loved. However, right when he starts talking about Jonathan Brandis (playing Bastian here), he is confronted by the elephant in the room who warns him that Brandis died in 2003. NC says of course it's very sad and mentions that depite bad film choices, his acting was pretty good, and proceeds with the review. When he heard there was a sequel, he found it was a disappointment as it was watered down from the first movie. NC noted that Bastion made several mistakes regarding his wishes and calls the character dumb for not choosing the logical way out of situations. By the end, NC says the story is uninteresting, the message was taken too literally and the logic made no sense. He's satisfied that it's the "last" movie and ignores the cries about Neverending Story III, while cranking up the Neverending Story theme to drown them out. Bastian Bux: "A spray can!" March 23rd, 2010
108 Top 11 Most Awkward Christopher Walken Moments 22:46

NC lists the most awkward moments regarding Christopher Walken, while at the same time being constantly called by the man himself (voiced by Rob Walker), demonstrating his weirdness.

  • 11. Death threat from Joe Dirt (2001)
  • 10. The scene where he talks about pie from Gigli (2003)
  • 9. His performance in Ripper video game (1996)
  • 8. The headless horseman from Sleepy Hollow (1999)
  • 7. Alien abduction from Communion (1989)
  • 6. Any of his dancing sequences
  • 5. The reading of Three Little Pigs (????)
  • 4. The banker in The Country Bears (2002)
  • 3. Brother in Annie Hall (1977)
  • 2. The Watch Scene form Pulp Fiction (1994)
  • 1. Every appearance on Saturday Night Live
Clem: "I'll stab you in the face with a soldering iron." March 30th, 2010
109 Flubber (1997) 17:26

NC wonders if Robin Williams was a good comedian, why does he pick bad movies? He figured it was because it downplays his creativity. One of the first things NC noticed about this Robin Williams movie is that if he's so desperate to make money to save his college, why doesn't he just sell Weebo (it can fly, it has a personality and is a great personal organiser, so it could easily make him a few billion dollars). The romance between the two main characters never seemed right in NC's eyes as Williams's character left her at the altar no less than three times (and even when they did finally get married he still couldn't be bothered to make it to the church) and yet she still returned to him. The bad guy in the movie was too laughably obvious as well, but it's hard not to admire the guy. He continues to dislike William's character and takes note of the weirdness surrounding the robot. In the end, NC calls this movie badly written and couldn't believe it was written by John Hughes. In fact, he even say it would be hard to find a WORSE movie only written by Hughes... what's that? The Critic's next review is going to be of "Home Alone 3"?

Wilson Croft: "I'm here this weekend to steal your fiancée, and make her my wife." April 6th, 2010
110 Home Alone 3 (1997) 14:54

Right away, NC is confused how the great John Hughes could fall so far from writing and directing classic movies like Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It seemed he got lost in slapstick as seen in Home Alone 3. NC calls the movie non entertaining and insulting to people's intelligence. The movie has none of the cast from the original movie and the only connection to the series is the title. NC is also annoyed that the parents constantly leave the kid home alone. Throughout the review, NC imagines himself as Hughes writing the movie. He imagines John Hughes taking various narcotics while writing it, deliberatly making the script as bad as possible so it would not be bought and he would be released from his contract (requireing to write one more), only to have the producers like to which he loudly declares that his career was ruined.

Burton Jernigan: "How?" (This line is accentuated as if Christopher Walken said it) April 13th, 2010
111 Old Vs New: King Kong (1933) Vs King Kong (2005) 18:43

NC returns to take a look at the classic King Kong movie from the 1930s and compared it to its 2005 counterpart. After taking a look at the characters, the story, the effects and of course the big gorilla itself, the original won out. NC says the movie has a nostalgic feel and Kong seemed to have more natural animal-like movements. To him, it seemed more realistic.

Charlie, the ship's cook: "Crazy black man been here!" April 27th, 2010
112 Drop Dead Fred (1991) 19:41 Opening the video as "Dr. Nostalgia Critic", NC begins to review the movie as if it was a deep psychological profile. Right away, the Critic calls the movie unfunny and unwatchable among other things. Phoebe Cates from Gremlins starred in the movie and the Critic is convinced both she and everyone else in the movie both need psychological help. Mostly Cates. Fred on the other hand is called annoying and is generally unlikable. The scenes with him in it, he said, would make more sense if spooky music was with it as it seems more like a psychological thriller. After all, it'd make more sense as a horror movie. In the end, the Critic says the movie's just awful and his diagnosis? Stay away from this movie! Mickey Bunce: "You're crazy in the most wonderful way!" May 4th, 2010
113 The Care Bears Movie (1985) 17:41 The Critic starts off saying that while the job is the greatest in the world, having to mention he saw the movie means he dies a little inside. Whenever the bears are on screen, the Critic wants to see the evil book in the movie. He does admit she did seem very threatening. Although, he wasn't sure if it was the voice or what. Carealot seemed to have many unanswered questions like the river in the clouds. Critic does go into detail about the cuteness factor, blatant marketing of toys and the songs. Despite all this, the movie is pretty harmless and is clearly meant for very young children so it's not really fair to criticise it. He does wonder what the evil book's motivation was. Playful Heart Monkey: "Look! I see a bee on Friend Bear's nose!" May 11th, 2010
Special Kickassia Total runtime: 1 hour and 30 mins Part 1: The troops are assembled by NC!, Part 2: The invasion begins!, Part 3: Meet the government and watch the turmoil begin!, Part 4: The seeds are planted. Will Spoony give into the madness?, Part 5: It's Insano Vs NC!, Part 6: And now the stunning conclusion. N/A May 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st 2010
114 Jaws 3 (1983) 16:30 To start, the Critic explains where he had been all this time and how he can never go back to Nevada. See Year Two for details. He remarks at how 3D seems to be everywhere these days with films like Avatar and the like. However, if we go back to Jaws 3D, we see a different picture since back then it was a cheap gimmick and not the really expensive gimmick we see now. Critic says right away that the story has boring characters, bad effects and 3D that was just horrible. The tie-in with Sea World was also unusual given the fact that it might drive more people away than anything. Brad Jones cameos when the Critic gets bored and talks about the show, Manimal. The Critic switches back and forth to Brad when the boredom reaches a certain point. In the end, the Critic says the effects are terrible even with the glasses. The story's lame and boring Kathryn Morgan: "Mike! The dolphins!" May 25th, 2010
115 Free Willy (1993) 14:43 Free Willy is considered to be a classic family film, yet the Critic struggles to see why, given that it seems an awful lot like other movies of the same genre. Basically, those movies where a boy or girl forms a bond with an animal. NC goes on to discuss how the whale could have easily escaped at any time and how the movie only made a lot of money because Michael Jackson was attached to it via a song he wrote. By the end of the review, NC says the movie was okay. It's just that it was following one of those animal/human formulas. Willy's whale noises June 1st, 2010
116 A Troll in Central Park (1995) 21:12

Considered to be the worst movie Don Bluth ever made, NC states that the movie is incredibly stupid even going so far as to say the filler he didn't show was also horrendous. NC believes the movie talks down to children and offers nothing but annoying characters such as the troll. From time to time, NC calls the troll in order to make sense of such a bad movie. However, he wasn't much help. In the end, NC says the plot doesn't make sense and just wishes for the troll character to be eaten.

Troll guard singing: I'm a bad troll. June 8th, 2010
117 Theodore Rex(1996) 19:33 NC finds the concept of the movie too idiotic to find a proper introduction. He also mentions that certain actors being in this film are surprisng.The sets are surreal and colourful, not seeming like legitimate places, and the running gags involving Ted's liking of cookies and his tail prove more annoying than funny; many of the scenarios in the film don't seem natural or rational. NC compares the film to "an annoying friend". Theodore Rex: "Cookies! Cookies! Cookies! Cookies!" June 15th, 2010
118 Top 11 Coolest Cliches 17:49

The best and coolest Cliches ever are discussed!

  • 11. Holding the gun sideways.
  • 10. Crying with only shedding one tear.
  • 9. The dark, hidden past of a character
  • 8. Dramatic choir to make a scene more epic.
  • 7. One on one with the final enemy, running towards each other from a distance.
  • 6. Capes and clothing blowing in the wind.
  • 5. Walking near an explosion without being harmed by it.
  • 4. Shouting "NO!"
  • 3. Evil laughter.
  • 2. Walking or standing in a straight line.
  • 1. Slow motion scenes
Wyatt Earp in Tombstone: NO! June 22nd, 2010
119 Hook (1991} 26:42

Right off the bat, NC says that he doesn't HATE this movie. He loves the premise and the two leads for example. The first two acts were gripping, suspenseful and had a lot of promise in it. It wasn't until the third act that the movie fell apart for the Critic when there have been many corny and cheesy moments. There are also a few glaring plot-holes when it comes to Peter Pan's origin and how Tinkerbell could be so strong. Speaking of Tinkerbell, NC does consider Julia Roberts to have been miscast, as in the original 'Peter Pan' Tink was shown to be jealous, spiteful and deceitful... hell, she even tried to have Wendy murdered not that you could tell from Roberts' sweetly performance. Even though the acting wasn't that great in the third act, it was still enjoyable to watch because of the two main performers. Is it outdated? Yes. Is it a bad movie? Well, he urges people to judge that for themselves.

Peter Pan/Banning: "My Jack..." June 29th, 2010
120 Independence Day (1996) 24:18

NC explains his problem with this movie is the cliches, the obvious stereotypes like Brent Spiner as a scientist and the plotholes. That, coupled with the movie's ability to jump the shark, cemented NC's view of the movie. Despite that, he does find Will Smith's character to be very charming and says that only he could pull off the lines he says throughout the movie. Other than that, the logic in the movie is baffling to NC because of how NASA says Will Smith's character can't go into space because he's engaged to a stripper. That and other things make this movie very annoying to NC. He liked the movie when he was younger. Not so much now and he admits it isn't the worst film he's ever reviewed.

David Levinson: "Checkmate..." July 6th, 2010
121 The Room (special request) (2003) 28:07

To start, NC begins to review his old college film by the same name since many people have requested it. It wasn't until a future version of himself shows up and tells him to review the Tommy Wiseau movie by the same name. He goes into the future and begins the review in his basement. As the review goes on, he receives warnings from Obscurus Lupa, Linkara and Spoony who all tell him to avoid the movie like the Z list plague it is. Critic disregards the comments by the other contributors and says the movie is just awful. There are many plotholes. Unlikable characters and of course everyone's insanely bad acting. He notes Wiseau's performance as one of the worst with his stiff delivery. In the end, NC states the movie is bad but people should see it just to see how laughably bad the film is.

Note: The video was taken down from the site shortly after it aired on, as was Obscurus Lupa's earlier review. This was due to the threat of legal action from Wiseau despite the fact that, as reviews, they were protected by fair use. A week later, a special video called "The Tommy Wiseau Show" was put up explaining what had happened to the video. Although they have not been re-uploaded to, NC's and Obscurus Lupa's reviews can be found again on their respective accounts. It was returned to the main site, along with Obscurus Lupa's review on December 12th, 2010.

Johnny: "You're tearing me apart, Lisa!" July 13th, 2010 (Update posted July 20th, 2010)
122 The Phantom (1996) 17:00

One of the Critic's first things he comments on is The Phantom's purple costume and how it doesn't logically fit in with the main character's jungle setting. To NC there seems to be a standard hero, villain and other characters. The writing also seemed a bit too much like Indiana Jones for NC's liking. Which, is weird when both movies were written by the same person. He does however enjoy Catherine Zeta-Jones in the movie and wonders why she suddenly changed sides. Overall, NC says the movie isn't BAD. It's uninteresting even though there are some weird things in the movie.

Xander Drax: "What a cheap jungle trick! July 27th, 2010
123 Zeus and Roxanne (1997) 18:23

His criticism is that the apparent romance between the dog and the dolphin are creepy, the romance between Steven Guttenberg and Mary Quinlan are bland, the film has no surprise as it's just a safe film and for a film called Zeus and Roxanne, there's barely any interaction between the two. Overall, he considers the premise to be stupid. Though he seems to be stunned at the question asked "If a dog and a dolphin can't get along, why can't our mom and his dad?" and thus created World Peace.

Kid: "If a dog and a dolphin can get along, why can't our mom and his dad?" August 3rd, 2010
124 Animaniacs Tribute
  • Part 1: 20:02
  • Part 2: 23:28
  • Part 3: 18:07

In a special three part NC episode, NC interviews Tom Ruegger, Sherri Stoner, Nathan Ruegger, Paul Rugg, and John McCann from Animaniacs. They discuss the genesis of the show, the characters, the creative aspects and anecdotes.

Nathan Ruegger: "Water go down the hooole..." August 10th, 2010
125 The Flintstones Movie(1994) 17:55

NC immediately says that he never liked the show in which the movie was spun off from. Granted it was the first animated sitcom on television, there were still many things he disliked such as the jokes, writing and the puns. This seemed to come back tenfold for the critic as he reviewed the movie. He noted the bad puns were in full force and how scenes seemed to last two minutes and then change for no discernible reason. The plot was very loosely tied together and he was not impressed by Rosie O'Donnell's performance as Betty Rubble. In the end, NC says the movie felt more like kiddie fare than anything that should be taken too seriously and that Hanna Barbera produced worse stuff over the years.

Betty Rubble: *giggles* August 17th, 2010
126 Mr. Nanny (1993) 14:51

NC takes a dislike to the movie as the kids in the film don't seem like innocent pranksters. They seem more like sadistic killers as they continue to torture Hulk Hogan right to the end of the movie. The jokes in the movie are not funny and is ridiculous as it tries to rip off Home Alone while at the same time trying to be a suspenseful drama.

Kate: Sssssing! (scary slo-mo) August 24th, 2010
127 Rocky IV (1985) 19:29

In what is considered to be the silliest of all of the Rocky movies, (seriously, it had a robot!) NC laments about that and how it seemed to make the series jump the shark. Along with the hypocritical speech for world peace, NC feels that the movie is just plain silly. However, he does say that he enjoys the film's energy and the attempt to take itself seriously.

Drago: I must break you! August 31st, 2010
128 Chairman of the Board (1998) 13:22

Bad camera angles, jokes, acting and plot are just a few things that plague this vehicle for a comedian NC initially has not problems with. Carrot Top usually is funny in other shows. However, he isn't really funny in this movie. The jokes are too predictable and the plot itself tends to rip off the Flintstones movie, which he reviewed a few weeks earlier. In the end, this movie, NC feels is just plain awful.

Yodeling September 7th, 2010
129 Next Top 11 NC Fuckups 16:42

Douchy McNitpick returns to point out more of the Nostalgia Critic's mistakes.

Douchy's mom: "Are you masturbating again?" September 14th, 2010
130 Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw (1988) 19:11 The first thing the critic noticed about this movie is how it has nothing to do with the original cartoon it was based on. Even the character designs were very different from that in the show. The film is also an incoherent mess as very little seems to make any sense. The voice acting was subpar and it seemed like two of the voice actors were the director's kids. During one of the musical numbers, he actually wishes for an appearance of the Rapping Dog from Titanic - The Legend Goes On. By the end, NC says the movie wasn't that great. The plot was hard to follow and the villain was typical/obviously evil. Reflex: *kiss* I love you! September 21st, 2010
131 Pebble and the Penguin (1995) 17:45 It's been a while... let's look at another Don Bluth movie! NC starts explaining his problems with the movie which starts with the characters and how there is a song every few minutes. That coupled by the implausibility of a few things in the movie such as the gigantic seal, a penguin flying and other things seemed to lose some credibility. The voice acting, aside from Tim Curry, was impressive. By the end of the review, NC says that this movie wasn't the worst of the Don Bluth movies of the 1990s. Hubie: (singing) "I wonder what the colors mean...?" September 28th, 2010
132 Ernest Scared Stupid (1991) 22:51 Nostalgiaween begins with the last of the Ernest movies shown in theaters. Right away he says it's scary on its own. NC goes on to say that the film's monster isn't scary. Furthermore, the clues for destroying the monster were so obvious that it made NC's head hurt since it also takes the characters TOO long to figure things out. There is however one funny joke in the movie. However, it wasn't enough to save it since it was just really bad. The other Ernest movies had passion and energy to them that this movie lacked. Tranthor: "Not even milk can stop me now!" October 5th, 2010
133 Top 11 Scariest Performances 23:11 As Nostalgiaween marches on, NC covered the top 11 Scariest Performances on film!

  • 11. Bill Sykes from Oliver! (1968).
  • 10. T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991).
  • 9. Annie Wilkes from Misery (1987).
  • 8. Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs (1991) and Red Dragon (2002).
  • 7. Alex from A Clockwork Orange (1971).
  • 6. Norman Bates from Psycho (1960).
  • 5. The Gemini Killer from The Exorcist III (1990).
  • 4. The Joker from The Dark Knight (2008).
  • 3. Anton from No Country for Old Men (2007).
  • 2. Regan from The Exorcist (1973).
  • 1. HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).
HAL9000: (singing) "Daisy...daisy..." October 12th, 2010
134 It (1990) 31:48

Let's start the Stephen King movie drinking game! Aside from taking a shot every time a cliche from the novels are used like the redneck and the fact that the movie was taking place in Maine, the Critic found the child actors in the movie to be the best characters. That and Tim Curry as a clown/monster was enjoyable. NC didn't understand why people thought the movie was scary. Characters were overacting and there were many plotholes. The poor stop motion and balloons were not really scary.

Beverly: "Why is it so mean?" October 19th, 2010
135 Leprechaun (1993) 20:07

Nostalgiaween ends with NC doing his best Cinema Snob impression before the man himself arrives on the scene. The two then take a look at the movie. Right away, they note all of the cliches, puns and other overused concepts throughout the movie. They didn't find the leprechaun scary at all. However, they did like the badass line said by the kid and pre-Friends Jennifer Aniston.

Alex Murphy: "Fuck off, Lucky Charms!" October 26th, 2010
136 My Pet Monster (1986-1987) 17:42

The first thing NC noticed was how the monster in the movie in no way resembled the toy/cartoon from the 1980s. He laments about the disappointment and continues on with the review. He criticizes the bullies of the movie for being too touchy-feely for his liking, how the people are dumb enough to mistake the bad animatronic creature for a dog and how only the ending seemed scary for kids. In the end, he calls the director and later reflects on his time as Nostalgia Critic.

Kid: "Hey, that's a good one, Bernie!" November 2nd, 2010
137 Commercial Special 21:47 NC looks at old commercials from the '80s and '90s and evaluates them as they are the bits between the old Nostalgic TV shows and movies from his childhood. He finds some good and some weird. By the end, he snaps out of his blue funk and decides to continue on as the NC! Announcer: "Could that be mom on Wet Banana?" November 9th, 2010
138 Old Vs New: 10 Commandments vs Prince of Egypt 21:23 NC compares the 1956 10 Commandments movie with the animated feature, The Prince of Egypt (1998). After looking at each story's Moses, God, supporting cast and other aspects of the movie, he finds the newer version to hold up better to today's standards. Woman: "Oh Moses Moses." November 16th, 2010
139 Thief and the Cobbler (1993) 21:01 This film had a long and troubled production history. Animator Richard Williams intended it to be his opus, however it took over thirty years to get it finished and released and that was after one of it's voices (Vincent Price) died and The Completion Bond Company took over production and booted Williams off the project and boy does it show! Anyway, NC starts off by showing the movie's different titles and production back story. He discovers Matthew "That's a lot of fish" Broderick is the main character and goes on to poke fun at the characters' constant monologing, names, bland songs, and dull choreography to name a few. Also he points out that the story revolves around some supposedly golden balls (I know what you're thinking, so stop being childish) that are supposed to be extremely powerful yet are never seen in action. He does praise the chase scene for being trippy, going into mindf**k mode. At the end of the review, NC points out that while the movie does indeed suck, the 'Recobbled Cut' version tells a much better, less talkative story that carries some superb animation and is well worth checking out. Zigzag: "Now that I have the balls..." November 23rd, 2010
140 Waterworld (1995) 22:33

Waterworld... it was the most expensive film ever made at the time and ended up being considered one of the biggest flops ever, not even managing to get close to recouping its budget. Naturally, that makes it Nostalgia Critic fodder. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where the polar ice-caps have melted and flooded the Earth, the problems with this film are numerous. Kevin Costner (playing a half-human half-fish who can breathe underwater yet is reviled for this ability by everyone despite the numerous benefits this could bring) barely acts throughout the film which contains references to child murder, incest and paedophilia despite being made for a mainstream audience. Also, there are a ton of plot holes (for instance, one of the characters can't swim despite being constantly surrounded by water, and the aforementioned human-fish mutant prejudice), the main character is an unlikeable jerk and the film eats up screen-time by showing how everything works in minute detail (apart from the absurd final rescue). Was it a flop? No doubt. Was it a bad movie? Well, NC believes that the film wasn't that bad. It had a good atmosphere about it and watching how some of the things work was actually entertaining. And Dennis Hopper (of Super Mario Bros. Movie fame) plays his part as the main villain nicely over-the-top. Basically, Waterword was ok... but given how much money was spent on it, simply being ok wasn't good enough.

Helen: FOOD!!! November 30th, 2010
141 Little Monsters (1989) 20:28

Pixar movies are loved by many, and one of those beloved films is Monsters, Inc... but before then there were multiple movies trying to explain the world of monsters from in the closet and under the bed... and, unfortunately, Little Monsters was one of these movies. Striving to show us where monsters under the bed come from, this movie stars Fred Savage as a little boy who befriends a monster played by Howie Mandel. Together, they cause all sorts of mean-spirited mischief... and boy are they mean-spirited. We're not just talking silly pranks, we're talking pissing in a bottle of apple juice! And if you think this leads to a comedy conclusion... IT DOESN'T! Instead we get a really disturbing montage of a load of innocent kids getting blasted by their parents for things they didn't do. The world of monsters is a huge let down (it's basically crates with CGI sprites popping up every now and again), plot points come out of nowhere and are resolved stupidly, and nothing is ever adequately explained. The NC calls this movie a miserable piece of cinema and to be honest, it's difficult to actually call it a kids movie because it's actually got quite a cruel streak. There's no morals to be learned, the pranks, monsters and even the main character's father just comes across as cruel. On top of that the film isn't any fun, a lot of the images are easily way too scary for children, it's not in the least bit creative or even visually pleasing... basically, it's shit. Really, really shit.

Maurice: "Over the shoulder boulder holder." December 7th, 2010
142 Rover Dangerfield (1991) 20:28 The Critic claims this is a poor attempt for Rodney Dangerfield to write a children's film, and complains at the constant use of bad jokes and one liners. Particular criticism is reserved to the musical numbers, and a rather dark scene where Rover tries to hide the fact that he killed a turkey by using his corpse as a puppet. Rover: "I'm turnin' into a corn dog!" December 14th, 2010
143 You're a Rotten Dirty Bastard: Christmas Special 17:51 A Christmas special narrated by Santa Christ, parodying It's a Wonderful Life. The Critic quits his job due to being angry about there being nothing to review for Christmas. Roger, his guardian angel, comes in to show how other people on the That Guy With The Glasses Team live without his existence, only for everyone to be much better off without him. The Cinema Snob is a giant porn star, Linkara owns both Marvel and DC Comics, The Nostalgia Chick is married and is a major director of films such as Twilight: The Good Version, Angry Joe is the president of the United States, blows up the evil Canada (naturally, killing Phelous) and publicly executed Tom Green, and Spoony has taken the Critic's job, gives positive reviews to The Last Action Hero and Junior, and is loved even by the trolls. When Roger discovers he could have been God's greatest angel and successor without the Critic, he tries to kill him, only to learn that God lied about angels being immortal. The Critic realizes he improved his own life and goes back to his old self. Bhargav as Wembly: "And that's why Mary Poppins had an abortion..." December 21st, 2010
144 The First Couple: TMNT 26:44 Starting a new sketch, "Raiders of the Lost Plot Arc", the critic rewatches and reviews the first five episodes of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. He criticizes the silliness and clumsiness, some plot-threads, and how sometimes the Turtles are voiced by the wrong voice actors, but overall praises the animation of the fight scenes, the fourth wall jokes and finds April attractive. Overall, he feels the show is out-dated, but still enjoyable. Donatello: "Turtles fight with honor!" December 28th, 2010

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