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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #27-28


September 12th, 2016
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Friendship is all about waging war with construction companies!

(Linkara is sitting in his futon. Curiously, the shelves in the background are filled with MLP franchise.)

Linkara: Hello, and welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn. ...Yeah, you may have noticed that things are a bit different behind me. Here's what happened. The managerial staff at my apartment sent me a letter...

(The scene dissolves to a flashback as a harp chord plays.)

Linkara: (reading letter) "Dear Sir. Due to noise complaints and liability issues related to giant robot attacks, invasions of interdimensional gods, and other such incursions, we have decided that the only fair thing to do is raise your rent to $10,000 a month." (He turns his head to one side and speaks to something off camera.) Guys, we're moving!

(The scene dissolves back to the present as the harp chord plays in reverse.)

Linkara: So, yeah. I've moved into a rental house. The nice thing is, we can build the security system from the ground up -- something long overdue -- and I know today was supposed to be a Patreon-sponsored review of some My Little Pony comics, but with the recent loss of Comicron-1, I've got to admit I am not feeling it.

(Linkara gets hit with a Pinkie Pie plush from off camera.)

Viga: (offscreen) Pony!

Linkara: So I think I'll do something diff...

(Linkara gets hit again with a Twilight Sparkle plush from off camera.)

Viga: (offscreen) Pony!

Linkara: ...erent...and, um...

(Viga sits down next to him.)

Linkara: Yeah, uh, because of the short notice of this move, I had to take what I could get, and what I could get was...being roommates with Viga, from the show Idols of Anime.

Viga: Hello.

Linkara: She is a My Little Pony fan, and has been quite insistent that I do the...uh, this review here...

Viga: Yes, I've been insistent! One other thing I try to insist on is that you didn't even want my help writing this! You haven't even watched an entire season! You don't even know how they met. You don't know anything about Pinkie Pie, my favorite pony. You don't even--you didn't even see the episode where the gryphon wanted a cutie mark! You don't know anything about...Starlight Glimmer, or the Equestria Girls, or any of the--

Linkara: If I do the reviews, will you leave me alone?

Viga: You should be doing them for the Patreon-sponsor people.

Linkara: (beat) Your logic is sound.

Viga: And that is the power...of friendship! (She throws another toy at Linkara before she gets off the futon.) Pony.

Linkara: Wait a second. That's not a pony! This is a Zebstrika from Pokémon!

Viga: I ran out of plushies!

(Linkara puts the Zebstrika on his shoulder. Several MLP comic covers are shown as Linkara prepares to give insights.)

Linkara (vo): If you have somehow eluded the internet for the past several years, My Little Pony was rebooted in 2010 with its fourth iteration. Yes, like many franchises, while the series faded from the larger public eye, it never did actually die, Rebooting or expanding several times to varying degrees of success. The premise for this series, at least in its initial seasons, was that the uptight, serious-minded pony, Twilight Sparkle, is sent by the ruler of the equine kingdom, Princess Celestia, to the town of Ponyville to learn about friendship, and to stop obsessing over potential threats to her empire, even though she was totally right. Back when I started Atop the Fourth Wall, Sonic the Hedgehog comics were the things that all people wanted me to review, but now those requests have shifted to the stories about tiny horses. And, fair enough, I get requests to review comics that people actually like all the damn time. It's not just Patreon sponsors who have requested it. It's casual viewers who would like me to spotlight good stuff. And from everything I've heard, people really like these comics, say they're great, and of course argue in the comments on my site when I announce the upcoming episodes list about the ones chosen by a patron for me to cover.

(Cut back to Linkara.)

Linkara: I have watched several episodes of Friendship is Magic, mostly thanks to Viga...

(Viga throws a comic at Linkara from off camera.)

Viga: Review that comic, too! It has 80s high school John Hughes ponies!

Linkara: They were fine. And I've seen other people review it, so I'm familiar with most of the basics of the series, but it's just not for me. If you like or hate it, great! But don't expect me to nitpick every single little thing that's out of place.

(More comic covers are shown.)

Linkara (vo): Remember, kids, you ask me to review things at your own risk. Everyone was dying for me to review those Malibu Comics Street Fighter issues, and then were disappointed because I know basically zilch about Street Fighter. I've done so many reviews of Star Trek comics because I'm a huge fan of the franchise--

Linkara: I know! I hide it so well.

Linkara (vo): But if Pinkie Pie has the wrong cutie mark in this comic, don't expect me to point it out, is all I'm saying. I am judging these two issues purely on their own merits, and people have told me they're awful, but it's entirely possible I miss out on why that is.

(Cut back to Linkara.)

Linkara: Then again, they're apparently thinly-veiled environmentalist PSAs, which can be in a near-universal language of suckitude. So, let's dig into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #27 and #28, and see how these four-legged animals wielding dark sorcery can save the trees.

(After the At4W theme song rolls, the scene changes to the title card, with the Friendship is Magic theme playing in the background.)

Linkara (vo): Our cover...shows that maybe the trees don't want any saving, since they're attacking a group of ponies...with tentacles.

(Cut back to Linkara.)

Linkara: It's sad when I can't tell the difference between an official licensed product and somebody's fan porn.

(Viga sit down next to Linkara.)

Viga: There's no porn in Ponies!

Linkara: (beat) REALLY?

(Viga holds up her giant Pinkie Pie plush.)

Viga: ...Maybe just on the internet. Pay the rent! (She throws the plush at Linkara. Linkara says nothing.)

Linkara (vo): Actually, we know there's nothing icky about this; clearly, the trees just wanted some muffins! We open on the Mane Six having themselves a picnic. Spike, Twilight Sparkle's dragon assistant/eternal servant, is cutting slices of a cake for everyone, including Pinkie Pie, here...who I'm sure is actually looking at the knife Spike has, and has probably decided that what her cupcakes need most is FLESH!!! Anyhoo, the picnic is interrupted by Zecora, a zebra who lives nearby, running like hell from some wolves that are apparently made of wood. (Timber wolves, wolves that are made of timber, you dig?) Also, she speaks in rhyme.

Zecora: Away from the wolves, you must run! Twilight Sparkle, prepare to stun!

Linkara: What, you thought we were done with Star Trek? Phasers on 'stun", Ensign Sparkle!

Linkara (vo): Twilight quickly gets to work organizing the ponies. Rarity, however, is not happy.


Linkara: Because someone you know is being chased by wolves, asshole!

Linkara (vo): This generous spirit that Rarity possesses is shared by Pinkie Pie. Her priority is to save the eating it. Applejack is rearing to go fight the wolves, although Fluttershy is too distracted by a remark she made about cow-tipping. And Rainbow Dash, in turn, is distracted by Fluttershy's remarks. Fortunately, some of them are finally getting around to dealing with the wood wolves, poofing them into sticks, leaves, and twigs.

Linkara: Today's episode, kids, is about proper lawn management and care.

Linkara (vo): Vines start sliding out of the forest, and Zecora explains that said vines overran her home and chased her out of the Everfree Forest. What's worse, the vines are headed right to Ponyville. Zecora recommends contacting Princess Celestia on this one, although Spike is already in the process of doing so. For some reason, communication in this world is via the dragon. It burns up messages sent out, then coughs up a reply. Y'know, for a species that doesn't have hands,they can write letters pretty damn quickly, since Celestia sent her response only two panels later. It seems the vines are encroaching on every town bordering the Everfree Forest. Oh, and we see the downside of being able to write so fast. She misspelled "their" twice and "received". You'd think royalty would know "I before E except after C". Anyway, Celestia says she and Princess Luna are headed to get help...from somewhere, but that it's up to Twilight Sparkle to head into the Everfree Forest herself, find the Heart of the Forest, and ask for assistance there. You know, let her do all the hard work.

(A scene from Mystery Science Theater 3000 is shown.)

Mike Nelson: ♪ I'm the government. I'm the government. I'm the reason nothing works! ♪

Linkara (vo): The "Heart of the Forest", according to the others, is a legendary monster that lives in there, with horns, hooves, glowing green eyes, and will eat the cutie marks right off their asses.

Linkara: Ah. So My Little Pony has Mr. Computer in their universe, too.

Linkara (vo): Zecora stays behind so she can try to figure out a way to fight the vines.

Zecora: A potion I can try to make. I hope it works, for all our sake.

(A scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail is shown.)

Linkara: Pretty sure the potion is called "kerosene".

Linkara (vo): Anyway, our heroes force themselves inside the forest, now covered by a dense amount of vines and trees, and immediately fall upon a group of monstrous creatures. This includes a giant owl with arms, two large bats, some kind of noseless hydra, a winged cat, and deadliest of all, a giant koala. Faced with such a force, there is of course only one plan these brave, powerful ponies that wield magic and super speed and...the ability to sew without arms can commence with!

King Arthur (Graham Chapman) and his Knights: RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!

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