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Music Movies


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Music Movies by PawDugan is a show where he takes a look at movies that have varying degrees of music in them. Some of them are musicals while others have at least five songs in them. Those movies are the ones he looks at. The show first aired on January 11th, 2011.


Episode Number Name Description Date Released
1 Rocky Horror Picture Show Music Movies: touching on the best and worst of musicals and music themed movies. And what better way for Paw to kick off a new series than the most notorious music movie of all time!

Best: Time Warp
Worst: Sword of Damocles

January 11th, 2011
2 Aladdin For a movie beloved for it's musical numbers, they sure are few and far between.

Best: A Whole New World
Worst: A Whole New World (end credits version)

January 24th, 2011
3 Jesus Christ Superstar One of the more memorable, yet controversial Andrew Lloyd Webber movies. Does Paw have the guts to riff on the biblical tales?

Best: Heaven On Their Minds
Worst: Tie between The Last Supper and King Herod's Song

February 7th, 2011
4 Repo! The Genetic Opera Think classical opera if Rob Zombie was involved. Zydrate comes in a little glass vial...

Best: Chase the Morning
Worst: Mark It Up

February 21st, 2011
5 South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut South Park the Movie. Exactly what we wanted, but nothing like we expected.

Best: Up There
Worst: I'm Super

March 7th, 2011
6 The Sound of Music

The most iconic musical ever made. How will Paw handle the unbridled wholesomeness? Paw dukes it out with the clean cut wholesomeness of Maria and crew in the final round. Wait, Nazis?!
Best: My Favorite Things
Worst: Climb Ev'ry Mountain

March 21st, 2011 (Part 1)

April 4th, 2011 (Part 2)

7 The Phantom of the Opera

Succumb to the music of the night.
Best: Music of the Night (with an honorable mention to Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again)
Worst: Masquerade

April 18th, 2011
8 The Muppet Movie

Kermit gets involved in extortion, kidnapping, and attempted murder. For the kids! Also, chicken love.
Best: Movin' Right Along
Worst: Never Before, Never Again

May 3rd, 2011
9 Mary Martin's Peter Pan

Just like the Disney version, just with added camp. Full of campy goodness.
Best: Never Never Land
Worst: Ugg-A-Wugg

May 16th, 2011
10 The Blues Brothers

Do R&B covers and manic car chases a Music Movies make? Even if not, it's a hell of a ride!
Best: Minnie the Moocher
Worst: The Old Landmark

June 13th, 2011
11 Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

A little musical nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest man.
Best: Pure Imagination
Worst: I've Got a Golden Ticket

June 27th, 2011
12 Hedwig & the Angry Inch

There ain't much of a difference, between a bridge and a wall.
Best: Wicked Little Town (with an honorable mention to The Long Grift from the original play)
Worst: Exquisite Corpse

July 29th, 2011
13 Singin' in the Rain

The top rated musical of all time and most iconic music movie of them all. How does it hold up today?
Best: Moses Supposes
Worst: Beautiful Girl

August 12, 2011
14 Beauty and the Beast

With the songs and visuals from the Disney renaissance, the whimsy and enchantment may reach critical mass.
Best: The Mob Song
Worst: Human Again (from the extended cut)

August 26th, 2011
15 Phantom of the Paradise

A modern retelling of the Phantom of the Opera, but more importantly, Paw learns not to go sticking his head into strange portals.
Best: Faust (Paw) and Life at Last (Elisa)
Worst: Special To Me

September 9th, 2011
16 Mary Poppins

A spoonful of sugar, or brimstone and treacle? Either way, whimsy abounds in this special 2 part Music Movies!
Best: Feed the Birds
Worst: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

September 23rd, 2011
17 The Nightmare Before Christmas

A musical that celebrates both the macabre and the jolly. Would you expect anything less from Tim Burton?
Best: Sally's Song
Worst: Town Meeting Song

October 7th, 2011
18 The Wicker Man

Not a traditional musical by any means, but this is not a traditional movie. There will be no bees.
Best: Gently Johnny
Worst: Corn Rigs

October 28th, 2011
19 Oklahoma!

Rogers and Hammerstein lays out the tropes for the future neatly with their first collaboration. Will it be as rough on Paw as Sound of Music?
Best: Pore Jud is Daid (with an honorable mention to Lonely Room from the original play)
Worst: The Farmer and the Cowman Should Be Friends

November 11th, 2011
20 Snoopy, Come Home

Charlie Brown and gang from Peanuts are here to bum you right the hell out, courtesy of the Sherman Brothers.
Best: It Changes
Worst: The Best of Buddies

November 25th, 2011
21 Annie

Why anyone would want to be an orphan is beyond me..
Best: NYC (from the original play and 1999 TV movie)
Worst: Sign

December 9th, 2011
22 Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol

The best way to tell the classic Dickens tale is via a crotchety near-sighted codger I always said.
Best: Alone In the World
Worst: When Winter Was Warm

December 23rd, 2011
23 Top 9 Music Movies Moments of 2011

In celebration of the new year, the 1 year anniversary of Music Movies, and my 4th year anniversary at Channel Awesome, here's a cheesy clip show!

  • 9. The Rocky Horror Picture Show: "Let's Botch the Time Warp Again"
  • 8. Snoopy Come Home: "LuuUUuuUUuupa"
  • 7. Jesus Christ Superstar: "Amen, Brother"
  • 6. Mr Magoo's Christmas Carol: "The Pedantic Spirit of Useless Christmas Knowledge"
  • 5. Phantom of the Paradise: "Sock Faust"
  • 4. Aladdin: "Pension Roll Call"
  • 3. The Blues Brothers: "Blues Brothers Boogie"
  • 2. Mary Martin's Peter Pan: "Paw is a MAYUN"
  • 1. The Muppet Movie: "Cyborg Kermit"
January 7th, 2012
Special Music Movies Commentary - Blues Brothers

Blues Brothers, the Commentary OR How One Man's Beard Saved Christmas.

January 20th, 2012
24 My Fair Lady

Heralded as "the perfect musical". Paw takes a closer look at the film and weather patterns of Spain in the 1900s.

Best: With A Li'l Bit O' Luck
Worst: You Did It

February 3rd, 2012 (Part 1)

February 17th, 2012 (Part 2)

25 Reefer Madness

Toke a look at this satirical musical based on the 1936 cult classic. Wait... what?
Best: Tie between Listen To Jesus, Jimmy and Mary Jane/Mary Lane
Worst: Tell 'Em The Truth

March 2nd, 2012
26 Evita

She had her moments, she had some style.
Best: Rainbow High
Worst: Art of the Possible (the uncut version performed in the original play)

March 16th, 2012
Special Reefer Madness Commentary

All about the new set, living in New York City, and oh yeah, the movie. Right.

April 13th, 2012
27 Fantasia

Disney attempts to make classical music accessible to the kiddies. Paw's going to need some help for this one..
Best: Night on Bald Mountain
Worst: Rite of Spring

April 20th, 2012
28 Fantasia 2000

There was a much maligned sequel to Fantasia?! Good thing the dartboard thought ahead and brought in even more friends to help out with THIS one.
Best: Firebird Suite (Paw)
Worst: Pomp and Circumstance (Nella)

May 5th, 2012
29 The Disney Shorts

The Fantasia legacy lived on in the most famous in Disney's musical shorts. Apparently a lot happened in Walt Disney's shorts..

May 18th, 2012
30 Cannibal! The Musical

I'm as schpadoinkle as a baked potato.
Best: Let's Build a Snowman
Worst: Hang the Bastard

June 15th, 2012
Special Fantasia Outtakes! N/A June 1st, 2012
31 Doctor Dolittle

What happens when you make a musical for every wrong conceivable reason.
Best: I've Never Seen Anything Like It (with an honorable mention to Beautiful Things)
Worst: When I Look In Your Eyes (with dishonorable mentions to My Friend the Doctor, Talk to the Animals, and At The Crossroads)

June 29th, 2012
32 The Muppets Take Manhattan

The genesis of the Saturday Morning Cash-In Babies.
Best: I'm Always Gonna Love You
Worst: He'll Make Me Happy

July 13th, 2012
33 Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Imagine if Jonathan Coulton and Steven Sondheim birthed a musical.
Best: Everything You Ever
Worst: A Man's Gotta Do

July 27, 2012
34 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The best and worst of all possible worlds, or "How Comic Relief Killed Everything that was Good and Holy".
Best: Hellfire (with an honorable mention to The Bells of Notre Dame)
Worst: A Guy Like You

August 10th, 2012
35 Fiddler on the Roof

Tradition vs Evolution. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!
Best: To Life
Worst: Sunrise Sunset (with a dishonorable mention to Miracle of Miracles)

August 24th, 2012
Special Phantom of the Paradise Commentary

Paw & Elisa talk about how they met, the dartboard portal, and threats of violence over Phantom trivia.

September 7th, 2012
36 Really Rosie

The stories of Maurice Sendak, cautionary tales with dire consequences. Like being eaten alive by god damn lions.
Best: One Was Johnny
Worst: Screaming and Yelling

September 14th, 2012
37 Chicago

Jazz hands everybody!
Best: We Both Reached For the Gun (with an honorable mention to Mr. Cellophane)
Worst: I Move On

October 4, 2012
38 Little Shop of Horrors

Horticulture: the most EVIL of the natural sciences.
Best: Skid Row
Worst: Don't Feed the Plants (from the original play and the director's cut)

October 19th, 2012
39 The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies

T.I.S.C.W.S.L.A.B.M.U.Z.B.T.B.O. (The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies Bites The Big One)
(Paw disliked all of the songs, so...) Slightly Less Worst: Choo Cha Boochie
Worst: How Do I Stand With Your Heart?

November 2nd, 2012
40 Top 9 James Bond Themes

In honour of Skyfall we are counting down the best and worst of all things Bond-ian!

  • 9. Live and Let Die
  • 8. For Your Eyes Only
  • 7. You Know My Name (from Casino Royale)
  • 6. Thunderball
  • 5. Tomorrow Never Dies
  • 4. Nobody Does It Better (from The Spy Who Loved Me)
  • 3. Goldfinger
  • 2. GoldenEye
  • 1. You Only Live Twice
  • Dishonorable Mention: Die Another Day
November 23rd, 2012
41 The Devil's Carnival

The creators of Repo! The Genetic Opera bring you nightmare fuel of the highest order.
Best: A Penny for a Tale
Worst: Kiss the Girls

December 7th, 2012
42 The Muppet Christmas Carol

The holidays get a lot fuzzier as Paw as set upon by spirits galore. Can they help him stop being a douche on Christmas?
Best: It Feels Like Christmas
Worst: When Love is Gone (from the extended cut)

December 21st, 2012
43 Top 9 Music Movies Moments of 2012

The voting opening up again this year to let you guys decide the best Music Movies moments of one of the most important years in my life. Thanks to everyone!

  • 9. Fantasia 2000: "Perhaps in Mercury, Sure"
  • 8. Fantasia: "The Password is: romance"
  • 7. Chicago: "Fear & Self-Loathing in Chicago"
  • 6. The Muppet Christmas Carol: "Ebin-weiner Splooge"
  • 5. Dr. Dolittle: "Dr. Kenmore and Mr. Keurig"
  • 4. Really Rosie: "Internet Culture ABSs"
  • 3. Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog: "The Beating of a Dead Horse Trio"
  • 2. Little Shop of Horrors: "Star Me Seymour"
  • 1. Cannibal: the Musical!: "The Bumbling Professor"
January 4th, 2013
44 Purple Rain

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called Purple Rain.
Best: Purple Rain (with a nod to Jungle Love)
Worst: Sex Shooter

January 25th, 2013
45 Snow White

A classic, but also a high-pitched, warbling, learning experience for Disney. Oy.
Best: Heigh-Ho
Worst: Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum (The Dwarfs' Washing Song)

February 8th, 2012
46 Idlewild

Outkast has made a movie so confused as to its own identity, that it would end up being better WITHOUT the musical numbers? BLASPHEMY!
Best: PJ & Rooster
Worst: After Party

February 22nd, 2013
47 A Hard Day's Night

Let's kick off Beatles Month with the grandfather of all Music Movies!
Best: I'm Happy Just to Dance with You
Worst: If I Fell

March 1st, 2013
48 Help!

Did the second of the Beatles movies learn anything from the first? Only by the will of Kali.
Best: The Night Before
Worst: Another Girl

March 8th, 2013
49 The Magical Mystery Tour

Also known as "The Unscripted, Drug-Addled Busride Through Cornwall". You can see why that title never caught on.
Best: Your Mother Should Know
Worst: Flying

March 15th, 2013
50 Yellow Submarine

We all live in a rotten tangerine...
Best: Nowhere Man
Worst: All Together Now

March 22nd, 2013
51 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

A love letter to Beatlemania, or a suicide note?
Best: Got To Get You Into My Life
Worst: She's Leaving Home

March 29th, 2013
52 West Side Story

Taking back the streets, one interpretive dance at a time.
Best: America
Worst: A Boy Like That

April 12th, 2013
53 Rock of Ages

A musical based solely on 80's hair metal was a cool idea.. when it was done the first time.
Best: Wanted Dead or Alive
Worst: I Wanna Rock

April 26th, 2013
Special Shorty - Electroma

In pre-emptive celebration of Daft Punk's new album Random Access Memories, we take a look at the OTHER Daft Punk movie. DEEP HURTING.

May 10th, 2013
54 Jekyll & Hyde

Is there anything the Hoff CAN"T do? Yes. Yes there is.
Best: Alive
Worst: Murder, Murder

May 17th, 2013
55 Hairspray From movie, to broadway, to movie again. Taking a book from The Producers is NOT a good idea...

Best: Welcome to the 60s
Worst: Lady's Choice

May 31st, 2013
56 South Pacific The musical where colour-blindness is a virtue.

Best: Bali Ha'i
Worst: A Cockeyed Optimist

June 14th, 2013
57 The Jungle Book Mowgli never saw her coming...

Best: Bare Necessities
Worst: Colonel Hathi's March

June 28th, 2013
58 1776 Celebrate Independence Day with peppiest piece of colonial American fan fiction ever professionally composed.

Best: But Mr. Adams
Worst: Yours, Yours, Yours

July 14th, 2013
Special Shorty - Mayhem of the Music Meister Neil Patrick Harris must perform any and/or all whimsical and musical supervillians. Universal contract. July 19th, 2013
Special Shorty - See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey Was the Powerpuff Girls rock opera really banned for cults, dark themes, and Communish propaganda? August 2nd, 2013
59 The Princess and the Frog Randy Newman again writes the same songs he always does and wins every award. Is even Zydeco safe?

Best: Friends On The Other Side
Worst: When We're Human

August 16th, 2013
Special Shorty - The Music of Persona 3 As wild an unpredictable as the story itself. August 30th, 2013
60 Rumpelstiltskin A musical version of the fairy tale with a singing Billy Barty? Oh god yes.

Best: I'm Greedy
Worst: I Love the Miller's Daughter

September 6th, 2013
61 Puss in Boots These boots were made for Walken.

Best: A Happy Cat
Worst: Love At First Sight

September 20th, 2013
Special Fantasia - A Newlywed Commentary Paw and Elisa (Maven of the Eventide) have tied the knot! Here they review what (may have) started that whirlwind romance, wedding and honeymoon things, and sexy fishies. November 15th, 2013
62 Dancer in the Dark Paw von Dugan and Oan von Citizen peer into the mind of Lars von Trier as he drives Björk insane.

Best: Next to Last Song/New World
Worst: I've Seen It All

November 22nd, 2013
Special Shorty - Garfield Christmas It's December! Let's watch the first musical Christmas special of the season with everyone's favorite feline curmudgeon. December 6th, 2013
63 Sleeping Beauty So Disney added lyrics to a Tchaikovsky ballet about our favourite narcoleptic.

Best: The Gifts of Beauty and Song (Or as Paw calls it, One Gift)
Worst: Hail to the Princess Aurora

December 20th, 2013
64 Popeye Oh dear god.

Best: I'm Mean
Worst: He Needs Me

January 3rd, 2014
Special Shorty - Tiny Toon Music Television One of 2 musical themed episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures, except this one has boobs. January 24th, 2014
65 The Wizard of Oz Is the progenitor of all modern musicals on a pedestal high enough to not allow fair and biased review? Short answer: Sorta.

Best: Munchkin Medley
Worst: Merry Old Land of Oz

January 31st, 2014
Special Shorty - Flashbeagle Ever want to see Snoopy and pals don legwarmers and hit the disco in the 80s? Apparently you did. February 21st, 2014
66 The Producers From terrific movie, to great stage musical, to awful movie. That's not full circle, that's a downward spiral.

Best: Along Came Bialy
Worst: It's Bad Luck to Say Good Luck on Opening Night

February 28th, 2014


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