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Morgan Meryl is the title card artist for MikeJ

Getting into TGWTG.comEdit

Morgan Meryl first found through the website "TV Tropes," in 2009.

Being a huge fan since then, she had composed a lengthy ammount of fanart in 2011, following the release of the online film "Suburban Knights"

On a Tumblr group she had anonymously expressed her biggest dream to become a Channel Awesome title artist, which in 2012 was found and addressed by Justin Carmical on Twitter, for whomever wrote it to e-mail him. Having done so, she decided then and thier to admit that it was she who had written the post, which got the attention of producer Mike Jeavons , who decided to take her on as his new titleist.

Her art styleEdit

Morgan's style is best described as a mush of all the things that aesthetically please her, such as anime and manga, comics, cartoons, and even live action, stop motion, CG, and things such as print and television advertising and media. It is mostly remeniscent of an anime aesthetic, though drawn in pencil and coloured digitally.

Side projects and Other InfoEdit

Aside from working on titles for Mike, she takes on other projects including fanart for TGWTG contributors, Titles for non-Channel Awesome producers, and various other odd things. She attends a local University, for a degree in Digital Media, and will generally work for free if given enough time.


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