Channel Awesome
Mike Michaud


Real Name
Mike Michaud
Chief Executive Officer of Channel Awesome and administrator of the website

Mike Michaud aka "admin" is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Channel Awesome and the former administrator of final admin of TGWTG was Holly Christine Brown. Michaud also served as a co-host on the website's podcast, Transmission Awesome in Season 2. Mike decided who the winners of the Best of Blogs are by going through the blogs section and seeing what the best blogs are much like Tranmission Awesome's Awesome Blogs of the Week.


Michaud, a friend of Doug Walker aka ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, was the first to approach him with the idea to create a website in early April 2008, since YouTube had been causing Walker problems.

Work as Administrator

Since then, he has been an integral part of the site, serving as the website's admin. He is responsible for uploading videos to the site, and often posts updates on the status of the site. Michaud also scouts out new talent for the site and has notably recruited such contributors as Film Brain, That Dude In the Suede, Benzaie, and many more.

Michaud's avatar.


Michaud co-hosted Transmssion Awesome, alongside Rollo T and HopeWithinChaos. He served as co-host since the podcast's sixteenth episode, succeeding Dr. Gonzo and Coldguy. Previously, Michaud was interviewed along with Mike Ellis during the live episode of the podcast. The full list of his appearances outside of hosting Transmission Awesome include: