Micah Curtis
Real Name
Micah Curtis
Xbox/PS3 Reviews Editor

Micah is one of the review editors on Blistered Thumbs, and also writes editorials and news posts. He got involved in BT a while back when people from Kokugamer.com started moving over. He first met people from Channel Awesome in LordKat's stream. There, he had an infamous debate with AngryJoe over Kane and Lynch 2.

As a reviewer, Micah is very open of his opinions. So much so that it earned him the ire of Jim Sterling of Destructoid, and Ben Kuchera of Ars Technica. Because of this, he calls himself an old school journalist since he has got an expansive vocabulary, and his writing style is very analytical. Micah is also a close friend of PushingUpRoses.

Fun Facts

  • Micah is a rabid metalhead with a love for Gothenburd Death Metal.
  • Micah's blog is the only place where he'll relax and cut loose when he writes.


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