Meninists are recurring characters in Nostalgia Critic, making three appearances on the show. They are shown to be arrogant, stupid, and completely whiny men who hate women, especially when women do something that a man does in a film. The Meninists always claim that they hate women for a real movement and are determined to show their hatred to the world, when in reality, they are just whiny man-children who refuse to grow up and hate women for no reason at all, causing many people like NC, Devil Boner, and others to tell them off at many points. The Meninists are portrayed by Malcolm Ray, Jason Laws, and Jim Jarosz.

Mad Max: Fury Road[edit | edit source]

The meninists appear as followers of their one true leader, Michael Bay, who believe the movie is far too feminist for them (due to Max taking orders from a woman). At the end, the review is interrupted by Obama giving a message that all female soldiers are to be recalled, and all meninists will be enlisted to replace them. They are then recruited by one of Impractical Joe's fanboys, who got a new job as a recruiter. They're not happy about this.

Ghostbusters (2016)[edit | edit source]

The Meninists are implied to be part of the Church of the Heavenly Proton Pack (though the priest claims that they don't represent the Church's views). Predictably, they're not happy with a reverse gender remake. They also dislike the second movie.

Wonder Woman[edit | edit source]

The meninists appear at the beginning, trying to get the Critic to complain about the feminism of the movie.

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