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Hello readers! I'm Maverick21, but you guys can call me Mav or Alex.

I live in Chicago (suburbs) and I'm a 16 year old half Italian and half Norweigan/German. My Hobbys include Xbox (gamertag: SneakyPenguin77), driving, hanging out with my friends, and shooting (pistols). I love watching movies and i was exposed to them at a young age because my parents love them as well, in fact my dad collects movies he likes, thus I have an extensive movie library available to me. Thats enough about me, for now, let me tell you about how i found TGWTG. I first discovered it when the The Nerd first posted his response video to the NC's attack. I wouldn't have even been on AVGN's site if it hadn't been for my friend Ed who had the Bible Games review on his computer at school. Since discovering TGWTG i have grown to like it more so then The Nerd. Ironic aint it. Well that's it for now.