Bate and his son, Beary

Master Bate is the presenter of the show GameFap. In this show, he reviews various hentai games. He uses his own scale, the "Jizz-o-meter" to give the games a score. He is very sexually active, and as he put it, he "bangs a different chick every 2 seconds". Bate is a serial rapist and is wanted in several countries for his crazy antics. Fittingly, he usually bangs his way out of trouble. He often mistakes inanimate objects, such as coats, as women who want to have sex with him, because they're "vaguely human" and that's "all he needs". He shares an apartment with Benzaie and Beary. He seems to share the same girlfriend with Benzaie, but this isn't surprising, as women are easily seduced by Bate's "charm". There is a rumour going around that he is an alter-ego of Benzaie, but this is highly unlikely. He has incestuos tendancies. Bate has no standards, it seems, as in one episode he has sex with a face hugger (from the Alien movie series), and out of this love they had a son, Beary. Bate is a supporter of safe sex.



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