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Real Name
Alex Tansley
TGWTG Title Card Artist

MasterTheCreator is the title card artist for Atop the Fourth Wall.

Getting into

MasterTheCreator was first introduced to when his friend, NerinokuKai showed him the bum reviews for Twilight. Later, he found The Nostalgia Critic stuff for himself. in time, he was watching all the big timers on there like NC, Spoony and Linkara.

When NC starting getting titlecards for his show from Marobot, he started wondering if maybe that could be something he do, since he was wanting to contribute something to site too.

In a PM, he just asked Linkara if he wanted a title artist and he said sure. He was fortunate to ask when he did though, because the next day about 50 people asked if they could be his titlecard artist. Through luck, he nabbed the position!

His art style

A self professed anime and manga style nut, he tends to be more cartoony for Linkara's title cards. One of his influences are CLAMP.

Side projects

Aside from working with Linkara, he takes on other projects including fanart for TGWTG contributors. He also works on Green Detective and Bad Trips. He will also take commissions.


When he isn't drawing, he does Manga reviews with his friend, G0069. The pair review the big 3 Manga (Naruto, Bleach and One piece) and do them every week. With time, they hope to get their own show.