Mara Wilson


Real Name
Mara Elizabeth Wilson

Mara Elizabeth Wilson (July 24, 1987) is a former child star, known for movies such as Mrs. Doubtfire and Matilda. When Channel Awesome fans started pestering her about The Nostalgia Critic's review of Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Wilson checked the video out and started ranting against him. Then she researched that it was actually an actor playing a character, and felt bad about it. A few Facebook talks with Doug Walker and Holly Christine Brown, and Wilson was ready for revenge! On April 26, 1996 Mara's mom lost her battle with Breast Cancer. Mara is allergic to Nickel and she wrote her first Off Broadway play called "Sheeple". Even though she was raised Jewish, Mara Wilson became an Atheist when she was 15. Around the same time her little sister Anna became a Christian. Mara and Anna have three older brothers named Danny, Jon, and Joel.

The Nostalgia CriticEdit


Don't Fuck With Mara Wilson

When the Critic reviewed A Simple Wish, Mara Wilson appeared to berate him on all the criticism. As the Critic answered positively to her question of "So you think kids should be held accountable for what they film, no matter what their age?", she replied by showing "some interesting videos from a little town called Bothell, Washington" showing a young Nostalgia Critic. Embarassed, the Critic yelled "MARA WILSOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!". As she cackled evilly, the screen turned red and her eyes flashed white, before the episode ends with a black screen with the red words that say "Don't Fuck With Mara Wilson".

The Nostalgia ChickEdit

Some months later, The Nostalgia Chick reviewed Matilda - and had to point out that The Critic cancelled a planned review of it due to angry fan reaction - and brought her neighbor to watch it with her. And it turned out to be Wilson, vying for revenge on the website! After the Chick and Wilson finished the review, Wilson decided she only needed to go after the Critic, to which the Chick replied that he's sort of dead now. Then Nella appeared to gush about the movie, point the similarities between the two women and commented on Wilson's "great rack".

Shut Up and TalkEdit

Wilson was also the first guest on Doug's talk show Shut Up and Talk.

Movies Edit

  • Mrs. Doubtfire
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • Matilda
  • A Simple Wish
  • Thomas and the Magic Railroad

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