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Malice is a character appearing in the Nostalgia Critic played by Tamara Chambers. Inspired by Alice Liddell from the cult classic "American McGee's Alice". She has a Poison Mushroom as a necklace, magenta eye-shadow, a blue dress with a white apron. She's occasionally seen with blood all over her. She has a Gothic personality, yet is caring to those she views as friends. She first appeared in the Alice in Wonderland review where the Nostalgia Critic meets her and journeys with her into Burton Land to help him get back something that was stolen from him. She first seems really nice and innocent, but that is until the Critic sees her kill Danny Elfman with a knife to chase after the dastardly Carrotjuice in order to prove to the world she is not a psycho (the one who also stole from the Critic). She would then kill Tweedle Deep & Carter for simply standing in her and the Critic's way before eating a piece of magic growth cake to kill the terrible Jibber-Jabber with a giant stomp. In the end, she joins the Critic in confronting Burton about his failure with the Wonderland movie while also encouraging the Critic to be open with his love of Burton's work.

In Freddy vs. Jason, Malice appears as part of tryouts of crossover character match-ups to the death where she faces off against Dorothy from Wizard of Oz (also played by Tamara Chambers).

In Alice Through the Looking Glass, an alternate version of Malice (one more happy and excitable) makes the Critic come back to Burtonland (or rather what USED to be Burtonland) by interrupting his viewing of the animated Alice in Wonderland, and makes him step into a teleportation machine. She isn't shown throughout most of the review due to her helping cheer up a depressed version of Carrotjuice. In doing this, she turned the alternate land to literal shit. She only pops up during the review to point out how well her quest to cheer up Carrotjuice is going at the moment. The entire episode is then revealed to be a dream by the animated Alice.

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  • Top 5 Best Power Rangers Turbo Episodes (cameo)

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  • She becomes one the Nostalgia Critic's strongest allies next to the AVGN.
  • There are small amount of differences between Alice Liddell and Malice. These include: Their necklaces, Alice wears an Omega symbol necklace, while Malice wears a Poison Mushroom. Alice's knife is ornamented heavily, and very large, Malice's is seemingly the same in size, but not ornamented in any way.

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