Malachite was an ancient sorceror who did battle with a magician named Aion. To destroy the magician, he

Malachite looms menacingly.

used an ancient gauntlet imbued with a magical stone. This gauntlet was later known as Malachite's hand. He was granted unlimited youth, but grew to hate technology and the 'terrors' it brought with it as time flew by. The Nostalgia Critic and the rest of the team at later learned of the legend of Malachite's Hand, and set forth on a quest to find the ancient gauntlet. Malachite was forced to do battle with the reviewers. He was played by Orlando Belisle Jr. in Suburban Knights.

Finding the Gauntlet

Unable to decipher the clues left by crazed D&D gamer Chuck Jaffers that led to the location of the gauntlet, Malachite secretly sent the information to the Critic. He knew the Critic's lust for fame and riches would drive him to seek out this treasure, doing Malachite's dirty work for him. The sorcerer followed the two teams of reviewers from afar, murdering several innocents in his wake.

Once the gauntlet was found (or at least, the jewel that was affixed to it), Malachite quickly reclaimed it. All hope seemed lost until Ma-Ti appeared, unwittingly wearing the same ring Aion used to defeat Malachite the first time. The two engaged in an epic battle of magic energy that ended with both combatants slain. Malachite's body was instantly vaporized and the gauntlet and the ring disappeared. However, Malachite didn't die, as a new bonus feature on the DVD is called 'The New Location of Malachite". The sketch reveals that Malachite is still alive but is now magically bound to a coffee house in Wisconsin (Actually owned by Orlando Belisle), unable to leave, forced to serve customers and constantly getting slapped by the manager, Marie!

Malachite from the ancient past.

Malachite does battle with Aion.

Malachite wielding the newly constructed Malachite's Hand.

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