Makeover Fairy

Makeover, makeover, makeover, makeover, makeover! For you and me!

The Makeover Fairy is a character from The Nostalgia Chick portrayed by Elisa Hansen. She has a perky obsession of superficial beauty and fashion, and thus uses her magic to try and make people more "desirable." If her victim proves so homely, that none of her makeover ideas yield an improved appearance, she breaks down and cries. Sometimes when she appears, the "Makeover" song from Clone High plays.

The Makeover Fairy first appeared in the Nostalgia Chick Grease review, to grant a wish Lindsay Ellis made for Nella to receive a makeover. She later tried to help convert Dark Nella back to the good side, since Dark Nella put a paper bag on her head. First, she assisted with a seance, then, she joined the Newsies-style dance number. After Dark Nella exploded, the Makeover Fairy briefly joined Lindsay in mourning the apparent loss of the real Nella.

When Lindsay reviewed Grease 2, the Makeover Fairy got into the spirit of making over hopeless boys, and tried in vain to make over Lindsay's crush, ToddInTheShadows. This video marked the first time the Makeover Fairy appeared with wings, and the first time she displayed the ability to teleport in glittery puffs of smoke. For the review of Jem and the Holograms, the Makeover Fairy dressed Lindsay, Nella, and herself like 1980s singers, but only she found this enjoyable.

When Lindsay reviewed She's All That, the Makeover Fairy expressed a strong disgust for the negative portrayal of popular high-schoolers. This motivated her to start a popular people anti-defamation league, but no one else joined. She also pushed Lindsay into reviewing every Meg Ryan movie, to compensate for the lack of chick flicks in newer Nostalgia Chick videos.

The Makeover Fairy has made a few appearances in other videos from In the Music Movies review of Mary Martin's Peter Pan, she helped revive Tinker Bell by clapping her hands, and saying that she believes in fairies, because she is one. When Linkara pointed out in his review of NBComics #1 that it seems like too many shows have spin-offs in which a character becomes a detective, a teaser for Makeover Fairy, PI played.

Implications exist that the Makeover Fairy is one of Elisa's actual alter egos, as opposed to merely a character. Lindsay and Nella both call the Makeover Fairy, "Elisa," in the Grease review, and the Hercules drinking game apparently made Elisa so drunk, she made over Lindsay and Nella in their sleep.

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