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Magic Gift of the Snowman

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December 29, 2015
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Phelous: It does set this movie's tone well though.

Old Man: Your daughter got all wet from the snow. She's completely useless now.

Peter Venkman: It wasn't that funny.

Phelous: Awkward.

Phelous: What?! Does that look like marshmallow?!

Phelous: Well someone didn't believe in their butt enough!

Emery Elizabeth: Why isn't Princess Elektra smiling?

Phelous: When all medicine fails, don't finish a snowman story! It might just save a life!

Phelous: Did he really just say that?

Pennywise (vo): They all float down here!

Emery Elizabeth: You can't leave it like that!

Phelous: I guess.

Phelous: What the...