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Mac and Me

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July 20, 2008
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(Title card has Phelous replacing Eric on the film's poster)

Phelous: What am I looking at? (turns around to look at Mac) Eww, what is that!?

Phelous (VO): 'Kay, so you take the movie "E.T.", take McDonald's, Coke, couple skittles, fuse them together and you get this movie... Mac and Me.

(Cut to Phelous in his room)

Phelous: Why, that's Mac! Would you like to guess what that stands for?

Eric: A Big Mac?

Phelous: Wow. Just wow.

Phelous (VO): And now the rest of the family is in a vast desert. Apparently this lab is right beside a busy highway and a desolate desert? (sighs) Fair enough...

Phelous: (does the whistling communication like the aliens do) McDonald's is still open!

Eric: He doesn't have any diseases.

Phelous: And how the Hell do you know that?!

Debbie: But what if they really are dangerous?

Eric: They're not dangerous.

Phelous: You are one dumb kid. You have no idea what the grown-up version this alien could be like, especially when you have its young with you! And you know what? From what we saw the start the movie, let's say they're pretty damn dangerous!

Phelous (VO) : Uh-oh, they aren't doing good, get the Coke!

Phelous (VO) : So through the wonder power of Coca-Cola, the evil aliens are saved!

Debbie: I'm Debbie. I live next door.

Phelous: What? I know she means to the main character, but what kind of sense does that make? CUT, CUT CUT!!

Phelous (VO): And the father's awake there too and he looks as wasted as ever.

Janet: What if they need some kind of medical attention?

Eric: He doesn't have any diseases.

Phelous (VO) : Oh, he just put a knot in a tire iron.

Eric: They're not dangerous.

Phelous (VO) : Oh, just go fall off the cliff again, you dumbass!

Phelous: This movie takes you around and back again.