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Lozchic is the newest member of the wikia team and a blogger on Thatguywiththeglasses.com.

Discovering TGWTG[edit | edit source]

Lozchic was introduced to the site by a friend. From there, they started blogging frequently on the site. They started three different series of blogs that are still continuing today: Lozchic Reviews, Random Thought of the Week, and Kawaii Logic.

Lozchic Reviews[edit | edit source]

Lozchic Reviews is a video game review series. Most of the games featured are usually old or unknown DS and GBA games. So far they have reviewed:

Random Thought of the Week[edit | edit source]

Random Thought of the Week is just as it sounds. Each week, Lozchic discusses different topics ranging from one's perspective of life to Pokemon.

Kawaii Logic[edit | edit source]

Kawaii Logic is a webcomic series by Lozchic. Just like Lozchic reviews, most of the material in Kawaii Logic comes from lesser known titles. However, it mainly focuses on illogical dialogue, characters, and scenerios scene throughout various games and mocks them with cute art style. The format for the webcomic is always a small discussion of the game and scenerio, a comic on the scenerio in questioning, and a reason why the scenerio doesn't work or is considered illogical within the context of the game itself. Originally Lozchic scripted and did the artwork for Kawaii Logic. But since the 5th edition on, Anten Oz has been doing the artwork. Lozchic still scripts the series and Anten Oz has contributed in to a few ideas. Currently the webcomic is on hiatus, but there are plans for a potential monthly schedule.

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