Real Name
Christopher Barnard
Bad Movie Beatdown
TGWTG.com forum moderator.

lordhebe aka Christopher Barnard is one of the moderators at TGWTG.com. He is also one of the producers of Film Brain's show, Bad Movie Beatdown. Chris discovered the site through Film Brain when he watched The Nostalgia Critic review of "Street Fighter: The Movie". After seeing the review, he felt compelled to join the site once he saw ThatGuyWithTheGlasses's other works. At that point, Chris and Lewis (another member of the BMB team) were talking about the possibility of our own online review show, and soon Mathew came on board.

The show would be "like the Nostalgia Critic, only there's three of us and we review anything!". When TGWTG.com launched, Chris immediately converted over there. As this was happening, they were still trying to get the 'BadMovieGang' off the ground, and even posted a review of Indy 4 on YouTube. By this point, Mat had already become a prominent blogger on the site, and caught the attention of Mike Michaud and Rob Walker.

After Film Brain was picked up, he helped behind the scenes with several of his 5 Second Movies, particularly 'Total Recall' and 'Leatherheads'. When the forums were in their early infancy, he helped with the testing phase, including the suggestion of a 'Films' board. When the board was in need of more moderators, he was made one, along with LordVanQuack (Rollo T). Then, when Bad Movie Beatdown finally emerged, after the original format being scrapped, he took a role as frequent editor, and occasional co-writer. He also frequently guest stars on the show as Professor Celluloid.

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