Lisa Foiles


Real Name
Lisa Foiles

Lisa Foiles made her first Channel Awesome appearance when AngryJoe changed his headquarters to a new location. There, on the set of The AngryJoeShow 2.0 Lisa became a lieutenant and has helped Joe with various reviews. Over time, she's had many appearances in videos.

Getting involved

She met Joe in May, 2010 and began talking back and forth over twitter. He found out they both shared the same passion for games and he asked if she wanted to join. Happily, she accepted and became a mainstay of the show. First appearing in AJSUniverse Ep.1 “The Resistance,” she has reviewed many games and has even been a reporter at E3 2010!

Her reviews:

  • Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (August 29th, 2010)


Lisa is one of few (if not only) personalities on Channel Awesome with mainstream television credits, having acted in several well-known award-winning shows in the early 2000s. She describes herself as a "recovering child star" and prefers that people focus on her current activities rather than her past. She is a regular columnist for Kotaku, and runs a website called Save Point that features game reviews, articles, and various videos such as her comedy series "Everyday Achievements."


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