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Lion and the King Part 1

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July 30th, 2014
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Phelous: GoodTimes Entertainment may have cashed in on more popular things, but they didn't directly rip things off, and their animation was at least... ehh, so I thought I'd dig even further into the cesspool and pull out something... (holds up a Lion and the King CD from Playstation) amazingly much worse! This is Lion and the King.

Phelous: Glad they chose sound effects that were really up this film's alley!

Phelous: Whew! I was worried the fun might start!

Phelous: I really think thats what's going on! Get mad!

Phelous: I'm going to die before this review is over.

Phelous: All right, all right, lets do this!

Phelous: Nope, can't do it!

Phelous: Panther got cheated, yo.

Phelous: So what are amazed by most so far? The "animation", the "voice acting" or the blatant character design ripoffs?

Phelous: (laughs) I'm a comedic genius! Right, Mario?

Phelous: That's what Mario says! It's hilarious when you just repeat lines with no joke to 'em!

Robin: Are you crazy? I nearly overran you.

Phelous: If you plug you're nose, its an amazing voice.

Robin: What's the matter, Daddy?

Robin: I was only playing.

Phelous: Oh. I guess they are just friends.

Obscurus Lupa: We have a saboteur onboard.

NC: A tiger?

Lupa: Not a sabertooth!

Phelous: Tough luck, buddy. Even if the lines could match, its not done. Play another game. Okay?

Phelous: Okay?

Phelous: Okay.

Phelous: We've all been there!

Phelous: That's probably not good.

Robin: Lets play with our ball.

Phelous: That was a coconut.

Phelous (vo): Such natural movement!

Robin: Where are the diamonds now?

Robin: Uh, hi. Do you know what happened to the panther's diamonds?

Robin: A hiding place. That's cool.

Phelous: And I know exactly where I'll hide this: The Future!

Robin: No, we haven't lost anything but nevertheless we wanna find something.

Dr. Lanyon: Oh my God!

Dr. Lanyon: Oh my God!

Dr. Lanyon: Oh my God!

Robin: Panther here, panther there. Because of this crazy panther I'm not alowed to do anything. Maybe he's dead already.

Phelous: Yay! Sounds good to me!