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From Atop the Fourth Wall comes Running Gags, which Linkara has used in his videos. Here is the list.


Starting with the review of "Newmen #1", Linkara had screamed that phrase whenever there was a group shot cover or something totally out of the ordinary in one of the comics panels. Usually, it was an extreme close-up.

"Because poor literacy is kewl!"

Beginning with the "Sinnamon #11" review, Linkara would say this phrase whenever something is misspelled and the editor of the comic never caught it, or it is intentional. Case in point: In the "Newmen #1" review, a character is named Byrd as opposed to Bird.

"I AM A MAN!!! *punch*"

Originally seen in "Superman At Earth's End" where Superman yells the line before punching the guts out of an andriod, Linkara has adopted it into his own work, yelling the phrase whenever it seems appropriate.

"Of course! Don't you know anything about SCIENCE?"

Also seen in "Superman At Earth's End", the Twin Hitler clones are talking to Superman about how they came to be before uttering that line. It has since been used in other places when the comic tries to explain the science behind a given plot point.

"Continuity Alarm"

When Linkara mentions a bit of information regarding the back story of a comic book, an alarm sounds with flashing red letters. Usually it sounds when he goes into detail about a character or book. The joke has been expanded recently so the alarm attacks him if he persists.

"Previously On..." segments

First done at the beginning of the "Uncanny X-Men #424" review. The scene has very little, if anything, to do with the previous episode, and seems to be a collection of random, comical, action scenes featuring Linkara and other reviewers from the site. The joke was revisited for the "Countdown To Final Crisis" review.

"You magnificent bastard, I READ YOUR BOOK!"

A line spoken by the title character in the movie Patton (he says the line to Erwin Rommel in anticipation of victory). It is typically used to show a comic character describing and/or deploying some form of strategy.

"It just raises too many questions."

A line spoken by Bruce Wayne in Batman Forever. Linkara plays this clip when he asks a slew of questions pertaining to something nonsensical in a comic he read that drives him crazy.

"Our hero!"

Spoken sarcastically by Linkara, when he mentions a comic book "hero" doing something messed up and not entirely heroic.

"Combine Harvester" breakdown

This song plays whenever Linkara has a psychotic breakdown from agonizing over a plot hole or something nonsensical in a comic. It leads to a montage of Linkara doing various random, non-sequitur things in his crazed stupor.