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Real Name
Leon Thomas

Leon Thomas is a contributor for Channel Awesome and formerly Blistered Thumbs. He was invited by Rob Walker to join as part of Blistered Thumbs for a trial run in February 2010. His gaming show, Heart of Gaming, debuted its first episode during that time. He was officially picked up in March 2011 and later resigned of his own accord in April 2016. Leon resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

Heart of Gaming

Leon started out on Blistered Thumbs with Heart of Gaming, a self-described "dark comedy" show. It ran for 70 episodes on TGWTG.com and ended in July 2012.

Renegade Cut

Leon's second show following "Heart of Gaming" is a movie-based discussion show titled Renegade Cut. It's Leon's longest-running show and will still run elsewhere after he resigned from Channel Awesome.

Word Funk

Unlike Leon's shows, Word Funk is a podcast. Hosted by himself, Austin Yorski and Johnny Maloney from the BT Podcast, the podcast covers various topics from film to gaming and even spun off a side podcast for D&D called "Dice Funk."

Attack of the Trek

While not having many episodes at this point, Attack of the Trek is a show that covers many Star Trek episodes both good and bad.


  • Goodbye, Channel Awesome (April 26th, 2016)


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