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30 minutes (10th episode was an hour long special.)

Lee Davidge and Little Miss Gamer combined their talents in late March to create a podcast discussing classic retro gaming and new games for all the latest systems. They also discuss other random topics such as animé, cartoons, comics and anything else they define as "geeky". They also have a listener mail section. The idea came about thanks to their many similar interests such as the topics discussed in the first episode and potential chemistry. Both Lee and Z have a lot of respect for each other's respective works and they wanted to take their somewhat similar personalities and combine them in a way that could entertain the fans several times a month.


  • Episode 01: Enter Lee and Z (3/22/09)
  • Episode 02: Can't Judge a Podcast By Its Size (4/8/09)
  • Episode 03: Sex, Lies and Video Games (5/11/09)
  • Episode 04: The Nostalgia Chick in Chaos in the Windy City (5/16/09). Part of the Year One crossover. TheDudette guest stars.
  • Episode 05: Lee and Z & E3 (7/10/09)
  • Episode 06: Comics & Cards Collectible Crash (7/18/09)
  • Episode 07: Z Interviews Mark Methenitis (8/4/09)
  • Episode 08: Interview with a Sesame Street Snuffleupagus (9/20/09)
  • Episode 09: Captain Arino The Retro Game Master (10/4/09)
  • Episode 10: One Hour Spectacular (10/8/09)

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