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Created by
Brad Jones
Jillian Zurawski
Sarah Lewis
Allison Pregler
Mathew Buck
Lewis Lovhaug
Alex Jowski
Chris Boe
Phelan Porteous
Mark Wentland
Violet Rinorea
Doug Walker
Casey McDonald
Joey Blanchette

LLOYD is a animated show made by Brad Jones, based around his cat Lloyd as a hard-boiled feline private investigator who solves some pretty unusual cases. There are, six episode had been released of the series, including a deleted scene from the 1st episode.


Episode Number Episode Title Description Date Released
1 I Did It All For the Dookie After reeling from a bad date, Lloyd, a private investigator, is hired by a worrisome alien to search the Sahara Desert for his brother Dookie. July 27th, 2015
2 My Big Fat Geek Buddy While Glynis urges him to find a friend, Lloyd takes on a case of a horny sasquatch being pursued by two hunters. Feb 3rd, 2016
3 Cattibal Holocaust Lloyd is hired by a college professor to find a missing college student deep in the Amazon Jungle. April 21st, 2016
4 Tequila and Bonetti: The Motion Picture While taking the day off work, Lloyd and Glynis take in a movie, where familiar characters begin to turn up. November 9th, 2016
5 Oh! Heavenly Cat After Lloyd is killed, he returns to earth in the body of Chevy Chase in order to solve his own murder. Special guest voices include Rob Walker and Hugo from Bible Reloaded! June 22nd, 2017
6 Litterbox In the Lloyd finale, Patrick Girts guest stars as the know...of Lloyd's date/potential client! December 28th, 2017

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