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TGWTG Title Card Artist

Krin is the title card artist for ToddInTheShadows ; she has also done title cards for PushingUpRoses, Film Brain, Bennett The Sage, and Obscurus Lupa. Her work is often characterized by bold colors. Almost every card has a hidden word.

Krin discovered the site in the summer of 2010. After viewing all The Nostalgia Critic, Linkara, and Phelous videos, she randomly chose Todd In The Shadows to watch next. Having recently been reintroduced to pop music, she was DELIGHTED by his sarcastic and hilarious reviews.

Like many title card artists, she was picked up after doing fanart. Her first, a comic of Todd reviewing "Like A G6", was drawn days before he heard the song. She continued drawing fanart for fun, some of it inspired by her synesthesia. Two months later, Todd reviewed "Like A G6" and asked her to be his title card artist. Her first title card was "Deuces".


After "Like a G6", another piece of art by Krin ended up becoming a video: for April Fool's 2011, she posted a fake Title Card for "S&M" as a joke, and less than two months later, on May 27th, Todd released a review of said song.

Krin and Todd have not agreed on anything, music-wise. Ever.

April Fools Day

2011: Made a fake title card for S&M, which Todd later reviewed

2012: "Todd In The Shadows Appreciation Day" video

2013: Made a fake title card for Never Gonna Give You Up

2014: ??? :D

2015: Made a fake title card for Fxxk Boyz Get Money


Linkara's "Mr T" episode

"Todd In The Shadows Appreciation Day"

Applause, playing a Todd fan (and making sure to ask if she still was getting paid for it)

Pepper, showing she was the one who pushed for said episode.


  • Uses Photoshop CS5 and Intuos 4 Tablet (self-taught artist)
  • Favorite genres of music: pop, industrial, world
  • "E.T." by Katy Perry
  • Loves learning languages! Has formally studied Latin, German, and Italian, and informally Russian, Dutch, Afrikaans, and American Sign Language. Currently teaching herself the Arabic, Hebrew, and Georgian alphabets. Sadly, is only fluent in English.
  • IRL job: Biologist
  • Favorite emoticon: \n/
  • Personal Motto: Life is for the Lulz

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