"The Entity had cousins, for lack of better words to use, creatures similar to it but not quite was powerful this one in particular."- Linkara talking to Pollo just before reading the passage on the King of Worms out of his book.

The King of Worms is the Entity's younger and more cowardice cousin. Linkara first read about him during the Entity encounter but never said anything about him until his The Culling Part 4: Teen Titans #9. He knocked out Harvey at the end of Linkara's 2001: A Space Odyssey #1 review.

"The King Of Worms sits on a throne of sorrow, The King Of Worms eats a man's tomorrow, with a platinum mask your soul he'll borrow, and a clockworks soldier is born and hollow"' -King Of Worms after knocking out Harvey.

Then a security Nat sounds the alarm. Ironically the one time the alarm needs to be answered more than any other, no one's around to hear it. After taking Harvey to his dimension the King of Worms proceeds to take control of his mind by use of a platinum mask (with a platinum mask your soul he'll borrow) and replace him in Linkara's world using an android duplicate.

He does the same to Linksano before using his android duplicates and his army of cybermats to capture Linkara. Curiously, Linkara was unaffected by the King's platinum masks and he now wishes to understand why.

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