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December 13, 2017
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Todd: The concept album...

(The Beatles' music video of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" is shown)

Paul McCartney: It was twenty years ago today...

Todd (v.o.): It's the height of artistic ambition for a rock band, a statement of intent that you are to be taken...

Todd (v.o.): ...seriously.

(Clip of "Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall")

Roger Waters: We don't need no education

Todd (v.o.): Lesser bands would just write a bunch of songs and try to put them in a decent order. (Clip of Green Day - "American Idiot") But you have bigger dreams. You're not just some snot-nosed punk bashing out three chords, warbling out drivel about girls and dancing. (Clip of "David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust") No, you are a storyteller. You're a dramatist, you're a composer, you're a cultural commentator, you're a world-builder.

Todd: You're all of those things and more. You're an artist! Or, if you're an act who the critics never liked to begin with, you're gonna look like a pretentious bore who has disappeared up his own ass. But who knows?

(Clip of Styx performing during the "Kilroy Was Here" tour)

Todd (v.o.): Maybe this is the project where everyone will finally recognize your genius. But only if you truly find that amazing mind-expanding concept that becomes beloved for decades to come and is certainly not horribly cheesy and dated.

Todd: Which brings us to the band Styx.

(Clip of Styx performance)

Todd (v.o.): Yes, Styx. Rock group from Chicago, led by keyboardist Dennis DeYoung. Super popular in the late 70's and early 80's.

(Clip of "The Best of Times")

Tommy Shaw: The best of times

Todd (v.o.): In 1983, they were on top of the world, coming off a string of hits and multi-platinum albums with their specific blend of midwestern arena rock, prog rock, and soft rock. But the 80's were really kicking into gear. Could they survive as new wave and hair metal began to crowd out classic rock?

Todd: The answer was yes. Yes they could...

(Clip of "Mr. Roboto")

Todd (v.o.): But only for a brief, strange moment in time. And only by making one of the weirdest, most puzzling songs in rock history, accompanied by a confused, half-baked record that made it no less baffling. A record called "Kilroy Was Here."

Dennis DeYoung: Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, mata au-oo hima de

Todd: This is Trainwreckords.

(Trainwreckords intro, followed by album cover for Kilroy Was Here)

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