Justice League

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November 6, 2019
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(The Channel Awesome logo is displayed, followed by the opening title sequence)

NC: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it–

(Suddenly, he is interrupted by his cell phone beeping. He answers it and notices a text, which he reads)

NC: "Nostalgia Critic! The Justice League is in danger!" (looks up, alarmed) Oh, no! (reads some more) "Their future is in jeopardy! (pronounces it "Geo-PAR-dy") Please meet us at your studio and bring Youtubers [sic] with a connection to cinema!" (looks up) I can't believe such an original super team movie that broke all sorts of box office records is in peril!

(Cut to NC standing on the roof of a building)

NC: Well, if they want YouTubers with a connection to cinema, it's time to light the Cinema Signal!

(He turns on a light aimed toward the sky. He then looks up toward the sky, but it's daytime and too bright to see the signal)

NC: Or I could just give them a call. (takes out cell phone and dials a number, then holds it to his ear) Hey, you want to get drunk and nitpick a movie?

(Suddenly, he hears the sound of someone crashing through the roof behind him, leaving a hole in the roof. Startled, he looks behind him to see the hole, then goes back down inside the building to see where the person who had fallen had landed. It's Chris Atkinson of "Cinema Sins" fame. He looks at NC and nods)

Chris: Critic?

NC: Chris!

(Then another person crashes into the room: it's Barrett Share of "Music Videos Sins" fame)

Barrett: Critic?

NC: Barrett!

(And another crash. This time, there's no one there, just the word "Hello!" floating in mid-air)

Voice (provided by Jeremy Scott, also of "Cinema Sins" fame): Hello!

NC: Jeremy! I must say it's very brave of you to physically transition into talking text with the ding at the end.

Jeremy's Voice: (words displayed) You act as if I had a choice. (To a ding sound, the word "DING!" is added) Ding!

NC: Fantastic! The Cinema Sins are ready for action! (holds up index finger) There's one other YouTuber connected to cinema, or at least has "cinema" in his name, that needs to make the long journey...

(After a beat, NC goes over to a closed door and knocks on it. Inside, Brad Jones, the Cinema Snob, is playing Planet Hollywood: The Game, but the knocking gets his attention. Then NC opens the door and looks in)

NC: Hey, Cinema Snob, want to do a review?

CS: Sure.

(He puts the board game aside, gets up and follows NC out of the room and down the hall to where the other stand)

NC: All right, CinemaSins and the Cinema Snob, ready to save the Justice League!

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