Jurassic Park

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July 17, 2016
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(Tamara Chambers is sitting on her couch, holding a bottle of beer)

Tamara: (waving) Hi, my name is Tamara Chambers, and this is episode (holds up two fingers) two of "Tamara's Never Seen", and today, I'm going to be watching "Jurassic Park". (beat) The first one. (hesitates) 'Cause I've only seen the third. (looks around, then drinks a bit of her beer)

(The poster to "Jurassic Park" shows up, followed by the words "Tamara's Never Seen". Tamara's inquisitive face appears from the bottom.)

(Cut back to the couch. Tamara stares, then claps, slowly at first, but then faster and more enthusiastically.)

Tamara: That was so good!

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