Julie and Jack

Julie and jack phelous.jpg

Orignal Air Date
January 19, 2012

(We open with Obscurus Lupa in a bed in a hotel room.)

Obscurus Lupa: (Waves) Hi, welcome back to “Obscurus Lupa Presents” (Lays down on bed) me reviewing thins.

(Cut to the other bed in the hotel room.)

Phelous: Hey, I'm Phelous and are you guys ready for another shitty movie by Mr. “Birdemic,” himself, James Nguyen?

Lupa: This is actually James Nguyen’s 1st movie and I’m gonna be the 1st one to review it!

Both Phelous and Lupa: This is “Julie and Jack!"

(They then look over at one another, now realizing that they are both in the room.)

Lupa: Phelan!

Phelous: Allison!

Phelous and Lupa: Julie and Jack crossover!

Lupa: I told you to stand back.

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