Judas Liz appears to be some sort of doppelganger version of Iron Liz. Her goal so far seems to be to kill every version of Liz from every universe, though it is unknown why. Her appearance is exactly like that of Iron Liz, only she wears a Judas Priest shirt instead of an Iron Maiden one, as well as leather pants and fingerless gloves. Her weapon of choice seems to be a large sword, specifically an exact replica of Frostmourne from World of Warcraft.

Judas Liz made her first appearance at the end of Iron Liz' Star Wars RPG review, in which she was an unseen person killing a version of Liz and saying "Everything he sees, he conquers."

She was later seen in Linkara's review of Power Rangers Zeo #1, in which Mechakara called her in order to keep Iron Liz preoccupied while he dealt with Linkara.

Afterwards, Judas Liz was seen on Lord Vyce's ship, talking about his plans. Judas Liz suggested that his emotions were impairing his judgment, which angered him into saying she was only there because their goals overlapped each other. Then when Linkara called him and started mocking him in order to get him to go back to where they were, Judas Liz slipped away.

Her final appearance was at the end of Iron Liz' review of Warhammer Fantasy: 2nd edition, killing off yet another version of Iron Liz.

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