Jerrid Foiles
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Jerrid Foiles
The Cinema Snob
Brad and Jerrid

Jerrid Foiles is a friend of Brad Jones, and a frequent collaborator in his videos. Not related to Lisa Foiles. He left The Cinema Snob's crew in 2012 for various reasons off screen, but came back several months later.


Other than his camerawork, Jerrid occasionally starred in the following:

Brad and JerridEdit

Jerrid was Brad's co-star in the "Brad and Jerrid" videos. His character is a little HAIRY LIKE A FUCKING APE, and he frequently has some crazy ideas over the course of the videos.

Kung Tai TedEdit

Jerrid also starred as "Fredericks", a henchman who worked for "Solomon", the latest antagonist of the show. After a lengthy fight, Fredericks is killed by Ted who later answers a call from Solomon on Fredericks's cellphone.

Midnight Screenings Edit

Jerrid appeared as a special guest in the Midnight Screenings review of Warcraft.


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