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Janis/Jamie, the Little Pig

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January 20, 2017
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Phelous: Stupid Winky making me think you were another movie!

Janis: Rules are stupid!

Janis: I don't need treatment.

Janis: Why don't you take it off?

Wabuu: Most of the animals on this farm are so stupid.

Janis: Why are you practicing bucking?

Janis: That's good.

Janis: I thought you understood me.

Janis: Where are you going now?

Janis: What's this about?

Janis: Help me, please!

Janis: They're going to kill us! We must run away!

Oro: No need to run away when you can fly! Just evolve with me, Janis!

Wabuu: All of these pigs are so dead!

Janis: Hurray! I made it! I won!

Link: I won!

Janis: I would love to join you. May I?

Phelous: Yay! The little girl's gonna live in the woods with the creepy old guy! Happy Ending?

Wabuu: Most of Dingo Pictures movies are do stupid!

Phelous: You realize that includes you as well, Wabuu.