Is It Right to Nitpick?


July 16, 2013
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NC: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic, I remember it so you don't have to. (holds up both hands) Some of you might find it hard to believe... but I am a nitpicker. (the sound of people gasping is heard) I know, I know, it's sad but true, and I'm not always proud of it. (long pause) But sometimes I'm proud. (smiles)

(Cut to clips of Catwoman, Twilight and Turbo - A Power Rangers Movie)

NC (vo): Because there's certainly films out there that have it coming; movies that so obviously do not think at all about the flaws that most people would find distracting.

NC: But... how far is too far?

(Cut to a guy, likely Doug Walker himself with long hair, rant about a certain movie's flaws)

NC (vo): We've all come across those people who let what seems like...

(Cut to footage of Tron: Legacy)

NC (vo): ...the tiniest of flaws ruin an entire film for them.

(Cut to the ranting man again, then to footage of Batman)

NC (vo): These are the people you just want to shout, "Good God! It's just a movie!"

(Cut to footage of Batman & Robin)

NC (vo): But then, ironically, we go on and find our own little pet peeves in movies that we hate.

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