Holly Brown


Real Name
Holly Brown
Former Director of Human Resources and webmistress of TGWTG.com.
The Mystic Brewers of The Inebriati

Holly Brown was the Director of Human Resources, head administrator of TGWTG.com and was the secretary-treasurer and Exec. Producer of The Mystic Brewers of The Inebriati. Described as "the oil that keeps the machine running", she was the one that made certain the others in the Inebriati were all organized. She was a bit of a beer siren, as she passes out homebrews.

With Channel Awesome

In June 2010, Holly had been hired to take over updates for a time. After a while, they found out how much corporate experience she had and she was given several new responsibilities. By the fall of 2010, Holly became the director of human resources and the head administrator of TGWTG.com. Helping out with various administrative duties on the website, along with the legal stuff and HR related aspects of Channel Awesome, makes her an all around spectacular lady. This all entails a lot of policy making and procedures. She runs the corporate side of the company and Doug's Facebook.

Holly has made a cameo appearance in Suburban Knights.

As for November 2013, she was fired from Channel Awesome without a reason after she had surgery and was required to sign a 3-year contract to say she wouldn't work in the same field so she wouldn't work for competitor sites.


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