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November 30, 2018
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Todd plays "Happier" on the piano.

A pop song review

Todd: Okay. So, one of the themes of popular music in 2018 is that it's been really depressing,...

Clip of Juice WRLD - "Lucid Dreams"

Todd (VO): …and I mention this a lot, probably too much, and maybe I'm just projecting because I'm just a...

Todd: …miserable asshole and I spend my life chained to a computer.

Todd (VO): But, I'm pretty confident on this one. Everything's just gotten really, really downbeat.

Todd: In fact, if you recall, I pointed out previously that...

Todd (VO): [clip of Pharrell Williams'...] just a few short years ago, one of the biggest hits in the country was literally called "Happy", [clip of XXXTENTACION's...] and one of the biggest hits this year is literally called "Sad!". I'm really proud of that one actually, that's the...

Todd: ...kind of insight you can retire on. I'm kidding, I'll never be able to retire. Please donate to my Patreon, links in the description, and smash that bell.

:XXXTENTACION: I'm sad and low, yeah

Todd (VO): Yeah, sad. That sums up the year. [single cover of said song] A song called "Sad!", [News article: "Disturbing New Details Emerge in XXXTentacion Domestic Violence Case] by a wife-beater, [another news article with fan art reading "RIP 1998-2018" and "XXXTentacion Shot Dead at 20"] who's dead. [back to "Sad!" music video] That's what we get in 2018, and it's what we deserve. Todd: So with that insight in mind, you can imagine how I perked up when, as the year was coming to a close, I saw a song shooting up the charts that was literally titled [picture of Billboard Hot 100 dated November 24, 2018, specifically a close up on Number 3, which is...] "Happier". We went from "Happy", to "Sad!" to "Happier"?

:Live performance on Good Morning America

Dan Smith: I think that you'll be happier

I want you to be happier

Todd: I want me to be happier too. Look, after three straight years of [news article: Why Are All the Songs of the Summer So Sad?] mopey, drone pop, a song called "Happier" is, well, it's certainly suggestive. Does it mean the national mood is finally lightening up? Have we turned the corner? Is the Zeitgeist going to become more optimistic?

Closing Tag Song: "A Marshmallow World" - Dean Martin

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