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Hagan Reviews is a review series hosted by Diamanda Hagan. The series consists of Hagan reviewing basically any movie she wants, usually from her dvd collection. She usually picks films she feels are unfairly overlooked and/or something she really dislikes. The genres she has reviewed have a wide range, such as horror films, children films, religious films, superhero films, martial arts and action films, and even both soft-core and hard-core porn. The only thing the films have in common is that most are exploitation films and/or are fairly obscure.

Hagan ClassicsEdit

The "Hagan Classics" label is something that is assigned to any Hagan Review made before October 2, 2010. A "Classics" review is simply an episode made before her review of "The Black Gestapo". Hagan Classics are usually videos made with her old camera before she upgraded to a HD one in late 2010. Only one video made with the HD camera has been labeled as a "Hagan Classics", her "Intermedio (Dead and Dying)" review. The first "Hagan Classics" to be put up on the site was Turkey Shoot, the second Hagan Reviews ever made.

Not all "Hagan Classics" are reviews. On October 3, 2011 Hagan's "Police Academy Marathon" video was put up on the site under Hagan's "Other Stuff" section. It is not an actually review of any of the 7 Police Academy films but a short film/sketch where Hagan has the urge to watch all the Police Academy movies in a row (while killing minions, of course) with darkly comedic results. Originally made in the summer of 2010, it is the only short film Hagan has produced featuring the Diamanda Hagan character and minions so far.

Special Hagan ReviewsEdit

On Hagan's wordpress, a "Special Hagan Review is described as "Hagan Reviews outside of the regular series. Same continuity just a slightly different intro". The first "Special Hagan Review" put on TGWTG was her review of "The Land Before Time 8". Out of the 37 total reviews Hagan has produced so far, 12 of them are labeled as "Special Hagan Reviews".

Episodes on TGWTGEdit

On June 15, 2011 Hagan was given a three epsiode trial run on TGWTG, starting with her review of Faust Love of the Damned. At the end of the month she was officially picked up by the site.

Episode Number Name Notes Date Released on TGWTG
1 Faust Love of the Damned N/A June 15th, 2011
2 Freeway 2: Confessions of a Trickbaby N/A June 21th, 2011
3 The Black Gestapo N/A June 27, 2011
4 The Raspberry Reich N/A August 12, 2011
5 Turkey Shoot A "Hagan Classics". August 20, 2011
6 The Perils of Gwendoline N/A August 23, 2011
7 The Land Before Time 8 A "Hagan Classics".
A "Special Hagan Review".
September 12th, 2011
8 Aftermath / Thomas the Magic Railroad Double Review A "Special Hagan Review". September 20th, 2011
9 The Man From Hong Kong A "Hagan Classics" October 10th, 2011
10 Biggles: Adventures in Time N/A October 17th, 2011
11 Freaks A "Special Hagan Review".
Oancitizen guest stars in the role of Hagan.
November 7th, 2011
12 Terror of Tiny Town A "Special Hagan Review".
CinWicked guest stars in the role of Hagan.
November 14th, 2011
13 Schizophreniac the Whore Mangler N/A December 3, 2011
14 Slasher Special The Top Six Slashers You Haven't Seen and Probably Don't Want to See. December 16th, 2011
15 Children of the Living Dead A "Hagan Classics" December 24th, 2011
16 The Taint Crossover with TheOmega January 7th, 2012
17 Starrbooty N/A January 14th, 2012
18 Left Behind A "Hagan Classics" January 21st, 2012
19 Battle of the Bones N/A January 28th, 2012
20 Intermedio A "Hagan Classics" February 4th, 2012
21 Zombeak Crossover with JewWario February 7th, 2012
22 Exorcist: The Beginning A "Special Hagan Review" February 11th, 2012
23 Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist A "Special Hagan Review".
Review starring Nina Galas, an alternate reality version of Hagan.
February 18th, 2012
24 Eat the Schoolgirl Crossover with Oancitizen February 21st, 2012
25 Condorman A "Hagan Classics" February 25th, 2012
26 The Truth About Demons N/A March 3rd, 2012
27 Gayniggers from Outer Space A "Special Hagan Review".
Is listed on the site as "*Censored* from Outer Spce" because of the offenseive of the title.
March 11th, 2012
28 The Dragon Lives Again N/A March 17th, 2012
29 Emmanuelle 4 A "Hagan Classics" March 24th, 2012
30 Project Million A "Special Hagan Review" April 1st, 2012
31 Preaching to the Perverted N/A April 14th, 2012
32 The Story of Ricky A "Hagan Classics" April 21st, 2012
33 Bosco A "Hagan Classics" April 28th, 2012
34 Emmanuelle 5 N/A May 5th, 2012
35 Virus A "Special Hagan Review"
Crossover with Joshua the Anarchist
May 12th, 2012
36 Bad Biology N/A May 26th, 2012
37 The Worst Witch N/A June 2nd, 2012
38 Apocalypse A "Special Hagan Review" June 16th, 2012
39 Apocalypse 2: Revelation A "Special Hagan Review" June 23rd, 2012
40 Apocalypse 3: Tribulation A "Special Hagan Review" June 30th, 2012
41 Apocalypse 4: Judgement A "Special Hagan Review" July 7th, 2012
42 The Knackery Review starring Aleister, a side character of Hagan Reviews who is also played by Hagan. July 21st, 2012
43 Chopping Mall Includes a bonus Hagan Flubs video July 28th, 2012
44 Necromaniac - Schizophrenic 2 Includes a bonus Hagan Flubs video August 4th, 2012
45 Nixon and Hogan Smoke Christmas Hagan's 50th episode special! From Hack movies, it's NIXON AND HOGAN SMOKE CHRISTMAS! August 18th, 2012
46 Stonewall & Riot Is this the only CGI animated gay superhero porno comedy ever made? Possibly... August 25th, 2012
47 The Guinea Pig Films Hagan watches all 6 of the infamous Japanese film series! September 1st, 2012
48 International Guerillas Hagan watches a subtle drama based around the satanic verses controversy. September 15th, 2012
49 Sting: Moment of Truth Crossover with Spoony September 22nd, 2012
50 Sextette Mae West's legendary last movie! September 29th, 2012
51 Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy It's got maniac nurses in it and it's from Troma... October 6th, 2012
52 Chirpy 1 Horse. 1 Bird. Oh my... October 20th, 2012
53 Slaughter Vomit Dolls You can NEVER go wrong with the Vomit Gore trilogy! October 27th, 2012
54 The Genderfellator Something interesting and wonderful. Dealing with being offended... through porn. November 17th, 2012
55 Blackbeard's Ghost Season finale. So a kids movie about pirates without any adult subtexts at all... November 24th, 2012
56 Harlem Rides the Range A new trio of possession review begins with an all-black comedy, musical western! Set during the same time period as the original possession episodes (Freaks, Child Bride and Terror of Tiny Town). December 1st, 2012
57 The Most Dangerous Game This new set of possession review continues with the prototypical human hunting movie! Set during the same time period as the original possession episodes. December 8th, 2012
58 The Island of Lost Souls This new set of possession review concludes with the first feature film based on The Island of Doctor Moreau! Set during the same time period as the original possession episodes. December 15th, 2012
59 A Diamanda Hagan Review A review... by Diamanda Hagan. December 29th, 2012
60 ZombieChrist The second part of my epic look at 3 movies by Bill Zebub. This movie is better than the last one. There's a prologue explaining what exactly happened to the last part. Basically I took it down because of issues the episode was causing. The movie was awful and about a priest raping people. I hope one day to be able to re-upload it. January 12th, 2013
61 Dolla Morte The trilogy of Bill Zebub reviews concludes with his best film. DOLLA MORTE January 26th, 2013
62 Green Porno Hagan reviews a series of theatrical shorts by the Sundance Channel about animal reproduction! February 16th, 2013
63 Naked Killer Hagan's 69th (off-site) episode special! A classic example of early 90's 'Woman-with-an-obsession-for-cutting-up-men's-groins-battling-evil-lesbian-assassins!' Its a bit of niche genre. February 24th, 2013
64 Poultrygeist First of 3 MAGFest crossovers. Hagan and JewWario watch Troma's Masterpiece! The greatest zombie chicken movie EVER made! March 17th, 2013
65 God of Vampires In the 2nd of 3 MAGFest crossovers, Obscurus Lupa and Hagan watch God of Vampires. March 23rd, 2013
66 The Island of Doctor Moreau The third MAGFest crossover. March 30th, 2013
67 Dead Shit: The Talisman of Tikinaya Hagan returns to the movies of Kevin Strange. Dead Shit is the touching tale of stoners battling zombies. June 15th, 2013
68 13th Child New Jersey is welcome to this movie. June 29th, 2013
69 Sunset Heights Hagan goes to the United Nations to make the case for destroying a a city in Northern Ireland. Her evidence? One 'Sunset Heights'. August 10th, 2013
70 Shogun Assassin Ready for some vintage bastardisation of a 70s samurai classic? August 31st, 2013
71 Pulgasari It had to happen. Hagan takes on the North Korean Godzilla. September 14th, 2013
72 Last House on Dead End Street Hagan watches an infamous piece of 70s sleaze. September 28th, 2013
73 Big Money Hustlas (with Rap Critic) Hagan and Rap Critic decide to talk about the wickedest of wicked clowns- The ICP over 4 videos. This is part 1, Big Money Hustlas. December 6th, 2013
74 Big Money Rustlas (with Rap Critic) Hagan and Rap Critic decide to talk about the wickedest of wicked clowns- The ICP over 4 videos. This is part 3, Big Money Rustlas. December 20th, 2013
75 Memory Run One from the vaults! Hagan's 3rd ever episode. (and the 1st ep to feature The Minions!) Its some vintage mid-90s terrible sci-fi! January 4th, 2014
76 The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell (Schizophrenic 3) Hagan's 5th season begins with the return of the earth shattering Schizophreniac series. Harry Russo meets Terry Hawkins from 'Last House on Dead End Street'.. and there is badly choreographed violence, nudity, yelling and of course more slurs than you could possibly imagine. February 8th, 2014
77 Koyaanisqatsi The first of 3 MAGFest crossovers. Hagan, Skitch (and a Greek Chorus) watch the groundbreaking art film Koyaanisqatsi. February 19th, 2014
78 Zombie Genocide Battle of the Bone WASNT Northern Ireland's first zombie movie after all... March 8th, 2014
79 Vegas in Space Hagan teams up with Rantasmo from 'Needs More Gay' to review a DRAG QUEENS IN SPACE movie. May 14th, 2014
80 The Pink Angels Hagan. Biker drag queens. The 70s. A review. Need I say more? May 21st, 2014
81 Razor Blade Smile Some vintage, terrible, 90s, British vampire cinema! May 28th, 2014
82 Where the Dead Go to Die Imagine Ken Park crossed with Stonewall and Riot and then wish you didn't.. this is Where the Dead go to Die. June 4th, 2014
83 Allan Quatermain & the Lost City of Gold Hagan continues where Nina left off. The 2nd 1980s Allan Quatermain movie to star Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone. June 18th, 2014
84 Emanuelle in America Ready for some non-canon Emanuelle? It's got a naked Laura Gemser in it... June 25th, 2014
85 Siege Early 80s Canadian neo-nazis and a police strike, whats not to love? Well the multiple names the film is known by for one. WARNING: THERE IS SOME STROBE LIGHTING IN THIS REVIEW. July 2nd, 2014
86 Boy Meets Girl Hagan finally takes on the 1990s most infamous British erotic torture movie! This is the Standard Definition version. July 9th, 2014
87 ReGOREgitated Sacrifice This is the sequel to 'Slaughtered Vomit Dolls' and has roughly as much coherence and happiness in it. July 16th, 2014
88 Rock & Rule The invasion is about to begin and Hagan has a movie to review.. This is the SD version. Review starts 10 minutes in. July 23rd, 2014
89 Gabriel Over the White House A fascist worshiping movie from the early 30s and an unconventional possession episode! November 15th, 2014
90 (Ultimate) Versus One of the most brainlessly amazing action films ever made. November 29th, 2014
91 The Passion of the Christ The BroCon 2014 special - THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST! (Puts up shields and expects angry comments) December 13th, 2014
92 Elf-Man! The 2014 Christmas special. Wee Man from Jackass and Jeffrey Combs star in the most magical, superhero-y home invasion kids movie ever made! Behind the Scenes December 25th, 2014
93 Left Behind 2 Hagan returns to Left Behind and it's not improved. December 27th, 2014
94 Bitch Slap (100th Episode Special) Hagan has some unfinished business with an old enemy and a love letter to classic, big-titted exploitation that is just BEGGING to be reviewed. January 3rd, 2015
95 Megiddo (The Omega Code 2) Hagan has heard tales of a man with the power to review 5 End-Times movies in under 20 minutes and she has plans for him. Plans that involve one of the craziest End-Times/Antichrist movies ever made! January 17th, 2015
96 Re-Animator The first of three HP Lovecraft, Stuart Gordon, Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton movie reviews! January 31st, 2015
97 From Beyond Part 2 of the HP Lovecraft, Stuart Gordon, Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton trilogy! Everything Re-Animator is to biology, From Beyond is to physics. BUT GAYER! February 14th, 2015
98 Castle Freak A family get terrorized in an Italian castle in Stuart Gordon's terribly-titled adaption of HP Lovecraft's 'The Outsider'. February 28th, 2015
99 The Unashamed First of a new trio of possession reviews - 1932s nudist colony melodrama-sploitation April 4th, 2015
100 Sex Madness Sex Madness is like Reefer Madness, if Reefer Madness was about syphilis! The second of the new trilogy of possession reviews! This one stars PUSHING UP ROSES! (as Pushing Up Hagan) April 18th, 2015
101 13 Women The final part of this trio of 30s exploitation possession reviews. The Hagan Geek reviews 13 Women (probably the earliest film that could be called the first Slasher movie). May 2nd, 2015
102 Equestria Girls Requested by a fan through Patreon. Hagan needs to face the wrath of PONIES (and those that love them). July 12th, 2015
103 Fuck The documentary 'Fuck' is a fascinating piece of work about the word fuck. July 26th, 2015
104 Manborg Hagan checks out Astron-6's masterpiece mash-up, MANBORG! (and so should you) August 16th, 2015
105 Vikingdom (w/Happy Viking) Oh my god! This is the greatest Malaysian Viking movie I've ever seen in my life! August 19th, 2015
106 Zsazsa Zaturrnah (with Linkara) At ConBravo Mikey Insanity met Internet Superstar Vangelus and history was made. The worlds greatest comedy-musical-transgender-scifi-superhero movie was reviewed! November 13th, 2015
107 Left Behind 3 At last.. Hagan has come back.. to LEFT BEHIND! December 5th, 2015
108 Vijayendra Varma (The Power of an Indian) Season 6 begins and Hagan FINALLY takes on some Indian cinema! December 27th, 2015
109 Slow Torture Puke Chamber The 3rd and final part of the Vomit Gore trilogy. I hope you know what you’re in for. January 17th, 2016
110 C Me Dance Remember a (crap) accidental horror film disguised as an (equally crap) spiritual drama? April 19th, 2016
111 Death Games From the early 2000s comes Ireland's answer to MAD MAX! May 24th, 2016
112 Hookers in Revolt It's like Animal Farm.. but with prostitutes! July 5th, 2016
113 Saint Clara In the 90s Israel made a confusing teen movie. August 27th, 2016
114 Black Sheep A Patron requested the best were-sheep movie to come out of 2006 New Zealand. Hagan obliged! September 7th, 2016
115 BMX Bikers (w/The Nostalgia Critic) A Hagan, A Critic, A turncoat General and a Brian Trenchard-Smith KIDS film!? September 14th, 2016
116 Never Too Young to Die This film is as close to enlightenment as a piece of cinema can be. September 17th, 2016
117 Actium Maximus: War of the Alien Dinosaurs ACTIUM MAXIMUS: REVIEW OF THE INADEQUATE FILM-MAKING! September 19th, 2016
118 Merlin: The Return (w/Film Brain) Hagan assaults Film Brain with the most deadly weapon of all.. a terrible kids film! September 22nd, 2016
119 Sugar High Glitter City Everyone involved in this got a jolly ranchering. September 25th, 2016
120 Pirates of the Great Salt Lake Time for Hagan to pressgang a first mate and sail the stormy seas of Mormon cinema. September 30th, 2016
121 Ravenous Slice me off another piece of co-star. Yummmmmmm. October 25th, 2016
122 Freakshow Hagan, Hagan and Hagan team up to watch The Asylums remake of Freaks! November 17th, 2016
123 The Adventures of Mark Twain Hagan + Claymation + A Love Letter to Mark Twain. December 15th, 2016
124 Necromentia Its like Hellraiser.. but with rednecks. January 15th, 2017
125 Punishment Park From the early 70s comes probably the best humans hunting humans film ever made. January 20th, 2017
126 Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack Cyborg-Zombie-Fish-Fart-Ghost-Virus shenanigans. February 23rd, 2017
127 Berserker: Hells Warrior (w/Film Brain) Heeeeeeere we are! Reviewers of Berserker: Hells Warrior! March 14th, 2017
128 Night Satan and the Loops of Doom Hagan's busy with affairs of state so it falls to Teddy to review This film that Teddy doesn't understand. May 14th, 2017
129 Six-String Samurai In an alternate reality Buddy Holly faces down death to become the king of Rock n Roll. June 18th, 2017
130 Colonel Kill Some RPG nerds face an undead serial killer driven by Voodoo! July 15th, 2017
131 Hellbinders Mercenary Ray Park, Ninja Johnny Yong Bosch and some guy called Cain attack the plot of John Carpenters Ghosts of Mars. August 16th, 2017
132 End of the Wicked From Nigeria comes the end boss of Christiansplotation. September 30th, 2017
133 Cheap Alcon live ep! Hagan reviews one of Brad Jones' early films! October 20th, 2017
134 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (1979) The Lion, the Hagan and the review! November 24th, 2017
135 The Mystics of Bali (with Ashens) Hagan meets a real life Leak and reviews an Indonesian 'classic'. January 5th, 2018
136 Desperate Living A brutal dictatorship run by a loud, ugly woman. Obvious comparison is obvious. January 11th, 2018
137 Tomorrow's Children A new trio of possession reviews begin, Hagan possesses both Sunny Jim and Starchabald from The Isle of Rangoon! January 18th, 2018
138 Life Returns The new possessions continue with Hagan taking over Some Jerk with a Camera and reviewing LIFE RETURNS- family drama, obsession and dog resurrection! January 22nd, 2018
139 Torture Ship The last of the new trio of possessions end with TORTURE SHIP- a tale of gangsters, torture and 'zombies' on a ship. Gorehagans is played by GoreHounds. February 12th, 2018
140 Raising Heroes Another Alcon crossover, big guns and (probably) big dicks clash in this mid-90s gay action thriller! March 3rd, 2018


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